Production Practices Lab-In Class Exersise 9/4/12


1.I noticed that compared to the image saved in JPEG the image saved in GIF format was more pixelated and not smooth.



2. Between the two images the image labeled Truck-72.jpg was sharper than Truck-300.jpg.



3. While experimenting with the settings I noticed that with any JPEG options the picture was clear and looked real if it were to be saved; all of the colors typically stayed the same as the original photo. With the GIF options, the picture looked like a painting or as if the computer was trying to group the different hues together.



4.  The image in which I changed the image’s width to 600 but kept the proportions locked became smaller without any warping or stretching. With the image saved with the width to 600 without the proportions constrained stretched in length.



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