Lab Assignment September 4 Interactive Media

Redwood, the GIF has a lot more visible pixels than the JPG, probably due to the fact that GIF isn’t made for a multitude of colors, but something a lot more simple unlike JPG.

Truck 300 to 72, didn’t notice any real difference at all.  There really shouldn’t be much of a difference anyways since we’re turning it from 300 to 72.  If it was 72 to 300, it’d be a lot more noticeable.

In the flower experiment, JPEG high and low had very subtle differences.  High had a slightly better image quality than JPEG low.  GIF has a lot more visible pixels than both JPEG types, and even more when it’s not dithered.  For example, with the JPEG I could zoom in about 5 times and then barely notice the pixels.  For the GIF files, I could zoom in about twice and then find myself looking at pixels on my screen.

In the dog picture experiment, it was all about proportion.   The constrained picture was a lot more easier to look at then the non-constrained.  The constrained you can easily tell that the picture of a dog, the non-constrained in a way looks like a white fox in my eyes.  Like somebody took white paint and dumped it on a poor fox.  The proportions seemed right more with the constrained picture than it did for the non-constrained picture.

Picture for the 5th.

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