In-class Exercise

Dwayne Carolina



Tuesday September 4th In-Class exercise


  1. Gif vs. jpeg- What did you notice? I noticed that the Gif file is clearer, however the Gif picture is slightly off-colored. In favor of the jpeg, it has better resolution to where you can at least see a solid color, while the Gif colors look faded.
  2. “Truck-300” vs. “truck-72”- what do you notice? From looking at both images alongside one another I came to the conclusion that although the resolution is different, I could see no difference. I thought for a second that the “truck-72” image was a little darker but after asking for another’s advice it appears that’s untrue.
  3. I realized that all of them looked very similar however, the Jpeg high had a much better clarity when I zoomed. The dithered version happened to appear very much greener and the color was very vivid.
  4. I noticed that with no constrained the hair fibers on the dog very much highly stood out, although the constrained had more clarity. Also this picture when modified appeared to lose color and looks a little off-white.


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