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 Phillip Shister


    DR Alyssa Adomaitis

                                                           BRAND ASSIGNMENT

         Logo Done By Brand Crowd

I was inspired to create this red and white logo as it represents purity, love, and passion. I envision myself as a loving and compassionate individual. I am always determined to stand up for myself and defend what I believe in. The large white letters are representative of being honest and true to myself and my convictions. The bold red background is representative of strength, motivation, and drive to be the best I can be. The clear-cut lines of the logo design stand for unlimited drive, unwavering perseverance and denial to give up.

    Question 1 – What I consider my brand to be: is a place where we stand for something truly important. In the world we live in today we face a lot of topics that affect lives of many. A lot of huge topics that get in the way of life are, Poverty, Mental illness, Diseases, and Animal abuse. This brand is something truly spectacular and gives a platform where everyone dealing with something negative get to feel belonging, as well as hope in their life. Whether life is good or terrible for you I want to stand for anything is possible and just because life is hard now does not mean it won’t change for you for the better soon. We stand for Believe in yourself, have faith, give it your patience, your heart, and understand life is so unpredictable but you got this, and my brand believes in you.

   How do I identify myself:  My name is Phillip Shister and I identify myself as a strong self-aware man I am looking to use my talents and skill set in the fashion industry. I identify myself as a son, grandson and brother. I am a generous and humble individual who loves to give back to those who really need it. I identify myself as loyal, compassionate, and hard working as well as determined and self-driven. I possess excellent writing and listening skills.  I am very intuitive and empathetic when it comes to knowing what others need. I identify myself as a Leader who wants to create change in the world. We have so much negativity happening in the world and we need the whole human race to stand up together and be there for one another. I stand for giving back to others because that is something we need more of. If we give back to others even if it’s very small, that smallest things can change somebody’s entire life. I am someone who wants to make a difference for not just my family’s wellbeing but for those in the world who have nobody to turn to for help. We have kids suffering from cancer, animals who need a home, homeless people who live outdoors, and a world of people trying to survive. I am the person that stands for doing everything possible to create change, provide food and water to the needy, get animals off the street. I want those who don’t have much to feel normal and get a second chance in life to be happy and live a normal lifestyle

 How do I describe myself : I describe myself as being an Inspiring, courageous, and motivated person. All my life from middle school through college, I was always about helping others. Whether it was baking sweets to donate money for charity, to taking a homeless man shopping, to even donating clothing to the homeless centers, I always was a huge believer in whatever good you do for others comes back to you. I was always told by my teachers that , “ phil everything your doing for others is a blessing. Your a blessing and we need more individuals like you “. That really stuck to me and I was happy with what I was doing for others. Also when an individual does good for others, he becomes a role model to others to a point where they want to help as well. Think about how great life would be if we all helped one another. Lets take away hate, jealousy, and negative energy, and instead work as a team to save the world. Im all for a healthy lifestyle, saving lives, bringing postive energy to the world, and be the one who makes a difference.

    Question 2- The direction of my brand : My goal is not to make a profit from anything I am doing for others. I want my brand to be not a place you go to buy goods or services, but instead I prefer you coming to my brand with ideas on how we can create a better living for others, I want to implement ideas that can take away pain, suffering, stress, from all of us. I want to create programs where people with problems can have a place to speak, talk about their situations, feel welcomed and comfortable to share their story. I want this to be a brand where no matter your race, ethnciity, religion, or culture your apart of, you are welcomed in the world, and every single one of you matter. Racism, discrimination, poverty, stress, and illness are the leading problems we all face in life. We are not magicians that can take away everything, but we can be a place where hope exists, change is possible, a new beginning isnt impossible. We want to do everything we can to at least try to make a difference.

      The oppurtunities my brand holds : Some of the oppurtunies my brand hopes to create is self awareness and hope. Alot of people suffering from illnesses or some sort of negativityin life feel like life is over, run into a lot of disbelief, anxiety. Guilt and blame, sadness and loneliness, my brand can hopefully give out some sort of relief and support to those going through something. My brand needs no profits but to see change, and a postive direction for all

    The significient of my brand : In the world we have situations like cancer, covid, animal abuse, destruction of our environment, as well as homelessness that effect many in the world. We want a platform where anything happening in the world will get better and will go away. Keep believing life will get better, have faith in god, Take care of your family, keep the streets clean, if you see someone on the street in pain tell them they matter. Small things like these is what I fight for and what is significient for my brand. I just want you to know that things will get better, if your loved one is going through something hold their hand and tell them everything will be okay, be their change and provide them with hope and cherish them for however long you have them by you. God is here and he will help when time gets rough, dont give up when pain is high, dont fall when its a tough day, dont cry when life gets hard, smile because you are here right now and others arent. Be appreciative and thank god for everything you have, even if it isnt a lot cherish that anyways. We want to be the ones that tell you that you matter, tell you that youll be okay, give you everything you dont have, and help be the reason you smile. A quote I always love to by use by Maura Tierney “ God gives his hardest battles to his toughest soldiers”

     Some of the achievements my brand has accomplished : My Brand donated almost 5000 dollars to the st judes cancer hospital for kids, We donated over 150 clothing outfits to the veteran hospital in brooklyn, we donated over 1000 dollars to ASPCA as well as over 200 cans of wet food for the animals sheltered there. I would say my brand is nonprofit as our main goal is to do our best to save lives, provide a source of awareness and relief, as well as be the epicenter of believe and have faith that everything will be okay .

   Professional / Personal Mission Statement : Whether your a future employee , and or volunteer for my brand I look to have a team where we are all on the same page, we have equal goals, and its in all of our hearts to do our very best to save lives, be the hope for others, as well as individually come up with ideas to better those in need. We as a company stand for saving lives, providing awareness to others, be the place that offers guidance and assistance with coping with different situations. We not in this for a penny, we in this to show those suffering that they matter, they belong, they will be okay no matter whats going on, and we need to do our best to inspire them not to give up but to keep fighting and pushing for a better life. We all have different situations we deal with whether it is a sick family member,  whether we are going through a family matter, we all go through it a humans, but guess what? If we believe and have faith it may all just go away , as long as we do our best to cope with things and set a example thats honestly all we can do to help. Lets do it we only live once why not make it count….  We have a world full of negativity, and a lot of people out there need our help and as a upcoming brand I want myself and my future team to understand that and be on board to help as best as you can. Anything is possible so lets give it our all and be the best that we can be for others.

Question 3- Some personal Objectives My brand excels in : 1- Communication with our community ,

2- Creativity that helps build ideas to create change in lives

3- Organization is something I excel in when creating positive results

4 – Community first ,

 5- Professionalism and Leadership is important for us because we want to be the role models for others.

 Some Professional Objectives my brand excels in: We excel in Knowledge and Education , Personal Skills , and Time Management.

  Question 4 – Personal Goals:                                                    Professional Goals:

     1- To get along with yourself                                   1- To communicate with influence and impact

     2- Increase my willpower                                         2- Adopt better time management

     3 – Be persistent despite obstacles                           3- Develop inclusive leadership and team

     4 – Learn to make effective decisions                      4- Provide effective feedback to others

     5- Stay open minded to new opportunities              5- Enhance your networking skills

     6- Improve my growth mindset                                6- Work well on a team

     Question 5 –                               SWOT ANALYSIS:

                     STRENGHTS                                                    WEAKNESSES

    1 – Great Leadership Skills                                                1 -I take things personally

    2- I am continuously listening and improving                  2 – I don’t take criticism well

    3 – I mobilize and inspire others                                      3 – I procrastinate

    4 – I have a passion to get things done                             4 – close minded, difficulty multitasking

    5 – I am determined and committed to my goal               5 – impulsive and inpatient 

          OPPORTUNITIES                                              THREATS

    1 – I can develop self-awareness                                                    1 – Balanced work and home life 

    2-   To make right decisions and choices                                        2 – Fear of failure

    3- Commitment to further study                                                     3- Feeling insecure 

    4 – To become a better leader                                                         4 – Sensitivity to criticism

   5 – To become instrumental in problem solving                             5-    High levels of stress     


                                                           New York City College Of Technology



                                                HOME ADDRESS – 460 NEPTUNE AVE APT 15H

                                                                          300 JAY STREET

                                           ACADEMIC / PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND :

         Degree :                                           University:                                          Major :            

     Bachelor’s Degree in         New York City College Of Technology    Business And Technology in                                

           Business                                                                                                       Fashion

        Cumulative GPA : 3.3                              Emphasis : Global Fashion

          Major GPA: 3.7

                                               PROFESSIONAL LICENSES/ CERTIFICATIONS

                                                       1- 2021 Sales Lead At Foot locker    

                                             2- 2021 – National Honor Student At City Tech      

                                         3- 2020- Honor Society at New York City College Of Technology           

                                              4- 2018 – Certified As A Honor Student At ECSS

                                                    5- 2018 – Certified Lifeguard

                                                    6- 2018 – Certified CPR Specialist

                                                                  HONORS AND AWARDS –

                     September , 2021 – Got A Promotion To Full Time Sales At Foot Locker Flagship

                    August , 2020 – Got A Sneaker Award for Being The Top Seller At Foot Locker

                    July , 2019 – Homeless Center Award for Most Appreciated Volunteer

                              January , 2018 – Got An Honor award for being main candidate at st judes hospital

                                  June , 2017 – Award For Most Improved Student

                      May , 2016 – Won An Award For Best Science Project In The High School Science Lab

                       September, 2015 – Got An Award For Best Creative Writing Skills In 11th grade

                       February , 2015 – Won an Honors award for overall Best Average

                                             RELEVANT PROFESSIONAL EXPEREINCE 

  •  Full Time Manager Trainee at Foot Locker Flagship    New York , NY
  •  Camp Activity Director                   Kings Bay Y                   Brooklyn, Ny   I Was IN Charge of Camp Activities 

For Children

  • distribute food to kids
  • participate in sporting events
  • help kids with counceling
  •  Recreational Assistant                  NYPD 60th Precinct          Brooklyn, Ny 2016 I Assisted Officers in Community Projects
  • – in charge of filing 
  • – involved in safer streets
  • – recreational work
  •  Office Technician                       James Madison High School        Brooklyn, ny
  • – filing ,   – clerical work   – secretary assistant
  •  Elderly Care Assistant              Palm Beach Adult Day Care          Brooklyn, Ny 2018 Provided Activities for the elderly

         – recreational work

        -Take care of elderly

       – serve food to the elders

  • Secretary Manager                   Century Furs                                  Brooklyn, Ny 2019 I Took telephone calls for the owner

      – clean furs

     – secretary work

    customer service

  • – Sales Associate At Foot Locker           Foot Locker                          Ny 2020-2021 

      -customer service   –  manager trainee roles  – training new hires

  •  Visual Merchandiser Intern         Global Furniture USA                New Jersey    2021 I organize floor setups and design windows
  • visual merchandising 
  • floor setups
  • customer service
  •  Sales Leader                               Foot Locker Flagship                New York       2021 
  •  NYPD Explorers Program             NYPD 60th Precinct                Brooklyn, Ny  2021 
  • – stop graffiti art
  • – office work
  • nypd explorers program
  • Camp Activity Worker                    Kings Bay Y                           Brooklyn , Ny 2021 
  • Senior care center Recreational manager Life care center     Brooklyn NY , 11229
  • youth assistant

                                                     INTERSHIP EXPERIENCE  

           1 – Intern at Global Furniture USA   New Jersey 2021      Visual Merchandiser

           2- Intern at Kings Bay Y , Brooklyn Ny       Interned as an student recreation assistant

           3- Interned at KCESSs After school program   , Brooklyn NY . Assisted students with homework as well as home situations

                                                        Workshop for Professional Development

 1- Public Speaking Group 2017 – Kingsborough community college T7 Building, Thursdays, 10PM                        

   2- Urban Necessities Instagram grouping – Manhattan, Ny, In The American eagle building, Soho, Fridays 6-8pm.

   3- Attended The Guidance Counselor Attendee group at Kingsborough early college secondary school, Brooklyn ,Ny , Mon-Thurs 10-11am

  4- Interested in joining textiles with ad fruit and make code at FIT, Fall 2021

  5- Interested in attending The Percy Ellis Sutton Seek Program, 300 jay st, Fall 2021


   1- Attended a conference at the Metropolitan Museum for Medieval Art

  2- Attended a conference at Fort Hamilton Army Base For Kids With Needs

  3 – Attended a conference call at a senior care center on how to improve meals for the elderly tenants

                                                                        CIVIC ENGAGEMENT

          1- Volunteered at Rabbi Weiner Synagogue for holiday of Yom Kippur 2021

         2- Volunteered at The NYPD Graffiti Program to clean streets

         3-  Volunteered at shorefront y to clean the coney island beach

         4- Volunteered at Trump Village Children’s day care center 2019, Assisted young children in sporting / learning   activities.

         5- Volunteered at Lincoln high school as an office assistant 2018

                                                               TECHNOLOGY/SOCIAL MEDIA

1- Experienced in Microsoft Word                                                               10- Experienced in Tiktok Marketing

2- Experienced In Open Lab                                                                         11- Experienced in Google Drive

3- Experienced in Couch                                                                             12- Experienced in LinkedIn

4- Experienced in Instagram marketing                                                      13- Experienced in Photography

5- Experienced in Blackboard                                                                     14- Experienced in PowerPoint

6- Experienced in Excel                                                                              15- Experienced in Computer Programming

7 – Experienced in Video Editing                                                               16- Experienced in Web Development

8- Experienced in social media Promoting                                                17- Experienced in Digital Marketing  


  • English
  • Russian
  • Polish


 October 7, 2021

Alex Rubinshteyn /Manager

47 6th Street 

East Brunswick, NJ 08816

    718 – 714 – 8943

To whom it may concern,

I am writing regarding your advertisement on Indeed for the position of Visual Merchandiser for Global Furniture USA. I am very interested in this position and my experience and expertise would make me a valuable addition to your company. Visual Merchandising has been something I’ve been a part of for 3 years now, began merchandising at a fur company, moved on to merchandising sneaker boutiques across the city of New York. Interning with this company would be a great step for me getting into my career. Global furniture has such an amazing story with a huge history that I loved learning about while getting my interest in working with your company. Merchandising with furniture as well as home design is something royal and interesting as we all have a home, and it is a platform that is so relatable for all. Even before applying I shopped with global furniture for my own home and the merchandising on the inside is mind-blowing. Being a visual merchandising as a career and be a part of the global team is something, I would never take for granted.

 I’m happy to say I have over 4 years of Sales experience working as a sales associate and later a visual merchandiser for the Footlocker Flagship Store. While at Footlocker my responsibilities included customer service, visual layouts and advertising campaigns to present fashion trends including window and mannequin set up, apparel layout based on color, merchandise type and brand. I have great interpersonal, organizational and graphic design skills. I am good at visualizing store displays and layout and have experience in creating attractive and eye catching designs to interest the customers entering the store. Being in sales for almost all my life ive never given up on it as it is something, I want to be a part of my whole life. With retail I have learned many ways on successfully merchandising products, as well as creating a store that is visually appealing to consumers. Being with Footlocker I’ve changed as a person, improved as a communicator, became more creative outside of what I’m used to. I met lots of amazing people and heard so many stories and I loved all of them. Foot locker gives me so much that changed me as a business marketer, as a person, made me a better learner as well.

I’m a College Student currently attending The New York City College of Technology in the Department of Business and Fashion. I’ve gotten lots of amazing Experiences as being a part of fashion courses that my university has given me the opportunity to take. I am super grateful to have participated in my three favorite courses which were, Visual Merchandising, Business Management, as well as my favorite course Textiles. Growing up shopping with my family I always enjoyed seeing different displays at the stores I always shopped at. The awesome thing about visual merchandising is every business have their own story and being a visual merchandiser is a beautiful experience because you get to learn and be apart of all kinds of ideas, stories, cultures, and lifestyles.  Throughout my educational experience I’ve also been a part of an internship class where I learned the ways, ideas, and advice in getting into a field that best fits my passion. Being a fashion major student, you get to learn the necessary knowledge that would get you prepared for your career. One thing I got to work on while taking visual merchandising was a project where we got to create a window display for a business. This project consisted of making a seasonal display that best fit the holiday season. After doing this project my love for visual merchandising became greater and ever since I been into innovating, creating, organizing, and bringing out the most beautiful and eye appealing displays that would drag the consumer right in. Being a fashion student been an amazing road for me thus far, I been part of fashion projects that gave me experience with marketing.

  As a Merchandiser at Century Furs, my role was to create seasonal window displays, create color pallets that would best fit the current season, also I oversaw traveling to cities like Chicago, California, China, and Italy to participate at fur fashion shows. Being a part of these shows has been a super huge experience for me in my field of merchandising because I got to see how fur is like globally, I got to see how companies worldwide promote/ Merchandise their furs. My first show a merchandiser came up to me and told me great job kid. This being my first fashion show at age 16 he was amazed at how young I was and how big of a passion I have for the business. I never forget what he told me, you will do just great in the visual merchandising world, you’re a young talent and lots of blessings will come soon. After that I had various merchandising jobs, and all taught me a huge lot. Global Furniture USA has been a company I been interested in working with, reason so is because of the huge potential this company has in store, they have an awesome customer base with lots of product that with the right merchandising and setup will fly out the store. Global Furniture gives back to the community, offers employment to the less fortunate, drives people to be better, and offers an atmosphere so friendly that it feels like home.

Social media is a field I been a part of for 6 years now. Throughout my social media run I been considered an influencer for a different number of reasons. I been the reason why kids with cancer were given the chance to have a warm meal on thanksgiving. Every thanksgiving since 2018 I have been hosting fundraisers to help provide meals for the families who are less fortunate. I got over 600 kids a meal to eat for the holidays. 2019 is when I got my recognition on social media particularly on Instagram. Many known names have reached out pointing out how they loved what I been up to. On Instagram I’ve also been a part of sneaker shows that have helped me not only meet new people, but also allowed me to pick something I turned into a hobby. Instagram came with lots of positive energy, giving back to the needy, helping ASPCA, saving kids with cancer, and just trying to find always to make the world a better place, I realized how precious life is and how every little thing you do can be a big move to help others. Social media also has been a place I got to express myself, bring out my talents for many to see, but also did what I loved to always do and that help others.

  Some of the hobbies I loved being apart of in not only my young years but also up until now were collecting sneakers, Drawing , Attending NY fashion weeks, Traveling, and just learning and innovating in new ways. As you can tell most of my hobbies in some sort relate to fashion. Growing up I always loved coming to school in the best outfits, wearing the newest shoes. My First ever experience in fashion was when I went to a Yeezy pop up where they displayed his footwear and clothing line to the fans, Kanye personally wasn’t there but it was a really cool experience to see how the brand changed for him in the years went by. Growing up I looked up to artists like Kanye West, dapper dan, Virgil Abloh , going to any meet and greets they may have had, and just studied there story and how they started. A lot don’t know this but dapper dan started his first job at a clothing store where he oversaw putting out new products on shelves, so its exciting to see where he was to where he got to now being one of the main faces in fashion. Seeing there rise inspires me every day to keep going and believe I can do this too one day. Growing up I wasn’t the type of kid who just plays video games always wanted to learn and get into new things and at age 15 I got my first job and it happened to be fashion related. Most would say their hobbies are playing sports and video games, mine always been, reading books, practicing fashion, traveling, and getting to know people in the fashion world with more experience than me.  

      In Essence I Myself as a person as well as fashion marketer, Some of the great characteristics that I have would be that I am very responsible, creative, courageous, I have a strong mindset in marketing as well as textiles. I am very experienced in helping consumers, being a team player, being in merchandising I’ve also taken lots of talent from my mentors and learned great ways I can be successful. Some great activities I always loved being a part of was art, creative writing, fashion shows. I’m also really good with communication, self-awareness, I have great empathy, I love to influence others, I have ability to delegate, and I have integrity. Being a fashion merchandiser, I’ve learned the proper techniques I need to be successful in my field. Being a visual merchandiser, I will bring with me honesty, Loyalty, compassion, authenticity, generosity, perseverance, politeness, kindness, and self-discipline. Coming to work every day I’ll bring my A game and will do my best to make sure my peers are doing great too. It’s a team effort and I always love to use the term Teamwork Makes The Dream Work. After viewing my skills and fashion background I hope that I will hear from you soon. Thank you global furniture and I hope to hear from your team soon


                                                                            Phillip Shister



Thank you for giving me an opportunity to apply for an internship within your company!