Logo History

Citibank Logo


Citibank was founded in 1812 and named, City Bank of New York by Samuel Osgood who was the first president of Citibank. Initially, it provided treasury and financial services to business owners. However, in 1863, Citibank joined the US banking system and by 1868, it became one of the largest commercial banks in the States. With time, it became the first commercial bank from the state to operate overseas with the opening of offices in London, Shanghai and calcutta respectively. Headquartered in New York City, it is one of the leading international banks, currently operating in more than 160 countries across the world.


Citibank offers insurance, credit cards and various other investment products. In 1976, The CEO renamed CIty bank of New york as Citibank N.A ( citicorp). Few years later in 1998, banking giant Citicorp merged with financial union Travelers Group and created citigroup, a multinational investment bank.  Citigroup now owns citibank and other subsidiaries bank. When CitiBank and Travelers Group merged together, they needed a new company name which is “one of the world’s leading brand consulting firms.” So, the name “City” which is short, easy, and more catchy was adopted. With that, Citigroup adopted a new logo.


Before the integration of the two institutions, Citibank has employed more than 5 logo. In 1955 to 1962 they had their first logo, which is black and white, it says The first National City Bank of New York which “The” and the “Of The New Year” were script typeface and the “First National City Bank” is Stencil typeface with a logo on right. They had a new logo in 1962 to 1965.  It reads “First National City Bank” in Helvetica and has a logo on left this time. Then in 1965 to 1975 it kept the same name “First National City Bank”, however, this was accompanied with logo of Citicorp.


After that 1975 to 2002 in this year, they changed two times both of them is same the different is kerned of “N” and “K” and the star of left it was designed by Anspach Grossman Portugal’s who was hired in 1975. The result was a completely uppercase, italicized typeface of their namesake. Two letters, specifically the letters N and K, were tightly kerned together which resulted in overlapping stems.


In 2002 they got a logo that there using now. Which is simple, easy to understand and more of modern styles. It was designed by Paula Scher. She drew the logo on a napkin in less than 10 minutes “ She drew the logo with an arch (basically an umbrella) to symbolize the Traveler’s Group amid the Citi logo. Cleverly merging both the organizations, Paula reduced the logo to just ‘Citi’, which made it more attractive and a unique trademark of the merger.” The colour symbolizes passion, happiness, and dedication of the company to a red arch or umbrella. Blue represents the idea of peace, dominance, excellence, and elegance.