Paraiso- Looking for a Vein


Paraiso- Izzy Blue Fish


Ryzn ft. White Gucci- You Aint a Killer



-Watch- Looking for a Vein, though the stages of post-production.



This first clip is from the very first recording day. Many things went wrong this night, but here’s a sample of what it sounded like:

Looking for a Vein (GDF):


The second night we recorded only drums. Unfortunately, none of us were in the right headspace, and we got nothing worth keeping, but the sound was much better. Nothing has been added to the drums, these are the raw audio files.

Day 2 Drums:

Day 2 Drums, same take w/click:


As you may be able to tell, the drums are out of time at parts. They could be edited, but I would rather just do them again. On a bright note, the tone of the drums sounded much better than the first night, plus this time I actually had figured out how to work the recording console. There is a much better stereo image on the kit, and the drums were recorded from the opposite side of the room.

Later on in the night, we got some takes that might have been worth keeping, but the playing was tired, and I noticed that the drums were starting to go out of tune. I will definitely be tuning them regularly next time.

Out of tune snare drum:


DAY 3:

On this 13 hour day we managed to track drums and all the guitars for three songs: Looking for a Vein, Lucid, and Izzy Blue Fish. None of the guitar tracks have any audio processing.

Looking for a Vein:

Izzy Blue Fish:


Day 4;

We have tracked bass and vocals, this is what it sounds like without any mixing