About Me


My Name is Peter Grancio, thank you for checking out my Culmination Project blog!                                                        12743714_1750079018561178_17753872608234224_n


I’m a 22 year old, aspiring audio engineer from Staten Island NY, and I’m ready to get out and start working!
For the past few years, I have studied under many of our industry’s professionals at the New York City College of Technology. They have helped me expand my mind to all the corners of our entertainment business, while also helping me narrow down what I really like to do.
My passion is sound. I’ve always been a firm believer that sound makes the experience, and even as a child I would prefer a tiny TV with a massive stereo, than the other way around. Sound is something that you can feel, it’s something you can calculate, it’s something that you can produce even if you have no tools. It branches far beyond the sense of hearing, and can even play with our emotions.
This project will be about taking my ability to mix these sounds together, to a whole new level. With the gear at a facility like Fenix at my disposal, the sky is the limit, and i’m very excited to get started on my journy