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NYC DOB Scholars Program at CityTech

The DOB Scholars is a seminar, networking, and career development program for CUNY students interested in engineering (civil, mechanical or electrical), architecture, sustainability & energy, construction management, construction trades, inspection, law enforcement, public policy/government, and public safety. The program will consist of 10 seminars over the course of the spring semester from various units within the Department of Buildings.  Students will also receive detailed information on how to apply for upcoming paid summer internships.

The deadline for application is December 13th, by 11:59PM. The application is attached in this post, as well as a flier with details on the program and the exact program dates. Applications consist of several short answer questions, and the required attachment of a resume, all of which should be sent to architecTech@citech.cuny.edu.

NYC Department of Buildings will be on our campus holding an information session on Wednesday, December 4th, from 5-6pm.  Students are  encouraged to attend the information session and must register using the following link: https://dobscholars.eventbrite.com.



Urban Glass Winter Student Scholarship

CMCE students have won this in the past. It’s a fun opportunity in the neighborhood (Ft. Greene).

Urban Glass Winter Student Scholarship 

Winter classes listingshttps://urbanglass.org/classes?semester=winter .

Scholarship deadline: December 8th


Questions: Contact Prof. Sowder at amsowder@citytech.cuny.edu
A few highlights coming up in January include:
From the Furnace to the Flame with Alexander Rosenberg
Intensive | 5 Sessions: January 13 — January 17
Monday, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Alexander will be working in both the flame shop and hot shop, making parts that will fit together mechanically as optical and other devices.
Reduce, Reuse, Re-FUSE: Experimental Kilnforming with Recycled Glass with Morgan Gilbreath
Intensive | 5 Sessions: January 13 — January 17
Monday, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Morgan will be encouraging experimentation and considering the potential of waste glass by using refuse and recycling in the kiln.
Designing with Glass with Nicole Lahy
Intensive | 5 Sessions: January 21 — January 25
Tuesday, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Nicole is a former graphic designer who will teach students design principles and an introduction to Adobe Illustrator to then apply to stained glass projects.

NYSDOT is coming on 11/21/19 for TCI Summer’20 Intern Position

NYSDOT is coming on campus on 11/21/2019! A Presentation for the Summer Intern Position-Transportation Construction Inspector (TCI) will be taking place at City Tech  on Thursday, November 21, 2019 from 12PM to 2:00PM. Bring a resume.

If you are interested and qualified, please plan to attend the presentation on  Thursday, November 21, 2019 from 12PM to 2:00PM, Room V408.

Requirements to apply for the TCI position with NYSDOT are:
1.The student must have the right to work in the US
2. Must have 30 credits by the end of this semester
3. Must have GPA 2.00 or higher
 This is your last chance to apply for Summer’20 TCI position with NYSDOT. Print and fill out the application from below: