My name is Paolasuting Liufeng. This is my first year of college. I choose Hospitality Management as my major because I am interested and want to learn more information in this area. My academic goals are to a successful graduate from college. Pass all the examinations that are needed and get the food protection certification. In my career experience that I worked in a bakery before. This is my first job, I learned how to make coffee, tea, and buddle tea, etc. In my career goal is to pass the food protection certification then become a professional chef. I hope that I can spread the food culture all around the world. Besides, if I can open my own restaurant also become a boss, let people enjoy good service and good taste. My personal strengths are my personality is optimistic, outgoing, and hard-working. Therefore, I like to communicate with other people, and I am not fear failure. There are people who get the passion handle in a job, work with a positive attitude enthusiasm can handle interpersonal relationships. I will keep positive in my job and life.