Module- Building Performance: Climate, Comfort and Computational Fluid Dynamics

The Building Performance Workshop course [ARCH3550] offers students knowledge in the key concepts of performance analysis. Three modules, in the area of Building Performance, cover the principal areas: climate, comfort, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

The climate module provides an introduction to this topic. Starting from a delineation of differences between climate and weather, characteristics of climate are defined for various regions of the world. Urban microclimates, unique to built environments, are also introduced along with state of the art research topics.

The comfort module introduces the basic concept of how a human being feels and responds to climate conditions. While the level of comfort is visualized with a psychometric chart, much emphasis is given to existing models that serve to standardize approaches for measuring this.

The last module focuses on the basic concepts underlying computational fluid dynamics (CFD), providing an overview of important characteristics of flow and introducing a number of other methods of analysis.  In addition, high performance building simulation processes with CFD are reviewed.        [Professor Jihun Kim]

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