To Whomever it may concern,

My name is Aaron, a third-year who took this course, and I’m writing you this as it is required of me.

Two materials that we read over the course of this semester that stayed with me are Chapter 1 of Truth & Beauty and The Wife’s Story. The former as not only was it a fascinating read, but also an ultimately tragic one, as I would end up finding out when I looked into it on my own. The latter just because the writing/plot and execution of what it does is just crazy. Incredibly well done and entertaining.

Two assignments that have stayed with me likewise are the Poetry pieces, and the bulk of journals. I’ve always wanted to have the chance to share the poetry I’ve written (two in particular), and being given a real chance to do so was very cathartic. The journals have stayed with me, because a lot of them have gotten me to do so some self-reflection and/or be able to express the self-reflection that I’ve already done. I never thought that I’d ever be able to put my thoughts that are in those journals out there, so once again, it’s incredibly cathartic, and helpful just from being a means to organize those thoughts, develop them further, organize them and express them better, etc.

The pandemic has been pretty crazy, not to mention unfortunate and disruptive, but being online definitely has its perks. For example, you’re at home, first and foremost. Secondly, emailing your professor isn’t as “out the way” as it would be otherwise, as you’re always online anyway. That and work is (mostly, depending on what professor you have) easier to keep track of. Third…I don’t know, it’s just nice. A change of pace, most certainly, in spite of how it’s come about. Being late doesn’t come with the consequences and incoveniences as it would in-person, and is much more avoidable to begin with. Plus, professors are much more lenient and understanding. In terms of advice, make sure you have a computer that can do everything and have everything you need it to. Even if you’re at home, remember you have class and don’t be late or miss the session as a whole as result. If you’re in a class that requires your concentration, or you can’t “multitask” between fooling around on the internet and absorbing what’s being taught, then don’t. If you can keep up with what’s going on with what’s going on in class while fooling around on the internet, then by all means, do so 🙂

To conclude, I can’t say for sure what things I can apply what I learned in this class to in the future. Simply because they can apply to anything. However, I do write recreationally and intend to take more “free”, essay-devoid writing classes, so this class will definitely help in that regard, being able to have a more confident and self-aware approach to those things. I also write lyrics, so I expect for the knowledge gained from this class to help there as well.



Aaron M.