Prof. Jessica Penner | OL10 | Spring 2021

Felix Mejia, Favorite Poems


  1. Zhen Deng

    I like the poem Winter Is Coming. It teaches us a lesson – do whatever is necessary in order to survive. Just like wearing a mask during a pandemic seems like hiding from life, but it is necessary for survival, and when the pandemic (winter) is gone, the normal (spring) will be back.

  2. Zlancaster

    I like “Winter is coming” because it teaches people to do the things they need to do to survive. Like the animals in the poems, if we as humans don’t do what we need to survive we will die and won’t see another day. The world will return to normal but until then we must do whatever is necessary to survive.
    I enjoyed solitude because it conveys the shallowness of some people while also highlighting the impact of a solitary lifestyle. The author sets a bleak but agreeable mood showing that when you need help the most, you’ll be alone so get in line and deal with it.
    This reminds me of tough love.

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