The Good:

The good of journal writing so far is the overall practice of writing. Writing is an art in which even the most experienced aren’t experts so all practice is good practice. Most often, I find myself looking up synonyms in an attempt to find a more elegant way to state something. While searching for the synonyms, I often realize that with age and more general knowledge I forget some niche words which is upsetting but helps me stay humble knowing I’m not the sharpest spoon in the drawer.

The So-So:

Seeing other’s journals and wondering if I spent too much or too little time on my journal. Though this may not apply to journal writing only as any time you are being graded on something, it’s easy to compare yourself to your peers. Another thing that felt “so-so” is the interest in writing however, this comes with the majority of schoolwork even some major-specific work. Usually my “peak interest” is when writing the conclusion but this poses the question is that an interest spike or dopamine from almost completing a task.

The Bad:

The only “bad” thing may be actually answering the prompts as I have not experienced some of these situations so I have to find a “creative exit”, but then this adds to the overall process of writing.