Prof. Jessica Penner | OL10 | Spring 2021

Christina Cantone, Favorite Poems

Nothing Gold Can Stay By: Robert Frost

Rise By: Sagar Yadav


  1. Yasmine

    I loved “Rise” by Sagar Yadav, because the poet discusses a very important topic of overcoming no matter the circumstances. When things get tough in life that is a very good mindset to have.

  2. ChadLam

    I enjoyed “Rise” by Sagar Yadax because it talks about failure and falling but it tells the reader no matter how many times they fail or fall they should rise again. I enjoyed the message behind the poem as it is inspirational.

    I enjoyed “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost because it talks about how good things never last. I enjoyed the message behind the poem as it gives real-life lessons.

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