Prof. Jessica Penner | OL10 | Spring 2021

Sumayah Ayed// Favorite poems


“An apple fell to the ground and Newton discovered gravity, thousands of palestinians fall and still no one has discovered humanity”.


Every night she sings lullabies to her burdens and fears because that’s what has to be done, the monsters have to fall asleep before she can

she’s an old soul, who’s heart speaks a forgotten language, she saved the best of her for the heart that understood the worst of her.

She believes in true love, but she has moments that she wonders if love truly believes in her too.


  1. NadreaPT

    What I enjoyed from these two poems is the tone the writers are using, their tone are kinda similar even though they are talking about two different topics. I think they both have seriousness in what they are saying with maybe a little sarcasm.

  2. Rakib Hassan

    I really enjoyed poem #1 because I always have wondered why other countries haven’t done a thing to stop Israel? Why are we even allied with them? It’s always gonna be an enigma to me.

    I enjoyed poem two, just a nice and calming piece to read.

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