Prof. Jessica Penner | OL02 | Spring 2021

Joselin Vargas, Dialogues (Revised)


Carolina, Emmanuel, Jackie, and Joselin were anxiously waiting for the timer to go off on the Ticketmaster and get tickets to see their favorite Latin artist. It was a very overwhelming feeling and anything could go wrong with just one click. Many people wanted to see this Latin artist and their hopes were minimal on getting these tickets


Jackie: Are you guys on line for ticket master?

Carolina: No not yet. We’re getting our laptops ready tho.

Joselin: Well log on we only have 30 minutes to get ready and buy the tickets!

Emmanuel: Don’t worry I got this, I’ve been doing this for a while.

Joselin: Okay. Jackie tell them the code we found.

Jackie: This is the code: xxxx

Carolina: Omg thank you I actually needed the code!

Jackie: No problem we’re in this together!

Joselin: We better get those tickets


As they all wait for the countdown they get all their devices settled to get on line. 

It was officially time to get the tickets!


Joselin: The countdown is over but my two devices crashed…

Jackie: One out of two devices are working for me I’m in the “waiting room” right now

Carolina: Emmanuel’s laptop and mine got in line we have 1000 people ahead of us.

Joselin: Oh wow lucky!

Jackie: Ayo if we don’t get the tickets can you guys get them for us we’ll repay please!

Carolina: I got you

Joselin: Thank you!

Jackie: Okay I’m on line right now I have 2000+ people ahead of me

Carolina: I have 500 people ahead of me

Joselin: Yay! We’re almost there!

Carolina: I’M IN!

Jackie & Joselin: YAY!!

Carolina: Let me pick out the tickets right now. It’s loading I think we got the seats but don’t get too excited hold-up.

Joselin: Okay we won’t distract you


Joselin: OMG NO WAY! I’m so excited!

Jacky: YAYY

Joselin: You guys are the best!

Jacky: We’ll get out of the line now omg Yesss this is so cool!


They’ve been wanting to go to this concert for the longest while and their wishes were granted!


It was a great day, my friends and I decided to meet up with each other and spend the day doing something entertaining than staying at home.

Leslie: Good morning guys! Have you guys woken up yet?

Jhoana: Hi! Yes I just woke up and I’m almost heading towards the train station

Kelly: Good morning, yes I was up since 9 am. I’m excited!

Joselin: Hi, I’m still eating breakfast but I will be there on time. Don’t worry!

*Everyone sends screenshots of me saying I won’t be late when we met up last time*

Joselin: Yeahh but it won’t happen this time I promise

Jhoana: You better or else I’m attacking you when I see you

Joselin: No now I’m going to be late on purpose Haha. Also, can you guys sent me the address pls

Kelly: *sends address*

Joselin: Thanks

45 minutes pass

Leslie: Where are you guys at? I’m with Kelly already

Kelly: Yes we just met up. Wya?

Joselin: I’m 3 stops away, I’ll be there in around 8 minutes or so.

Jhoana: I’m walking towards the address, unlike Joselin.

Joselin: Shush I’m trying my best!

8 minutes later

Joselin: I don’t see you guys

Leslie: We’re by the corner don’t you see us!?

Kelly: I see you look to your left

Joselin: Oh yeah! Never mind I see you. See I wasn’t late.

Jhoana: Nah you were

Joselin: Hater Lol!


  1. Ralph Ayala

    I like the use of the somewhat narrator like dialogue to tell the readers not only what is happening in the story, but also to tell you what certain parts of the scene the characters are in.

    • Moose

      I enjoyed reading the instruction caption before the dialogue because I can infer what would happen in the dialogue. It can be used as instructions to a stage performance.

    • Moose

      I enjoyed reading the instruction caption before the dialogue because I can infer what would happen in the dialogue. It can be used as instructions to a stage performance.

  2. Jeffrey

    This makes good use of stage instructions to give the reader information about how they should be acting specifically. They happen to double as context for the reader, us, since we’re not watching a play where we wouldn’t hear those instructions.

  3. Alexsis

    I like how you gave background information on your dialogues so that the readers were able to understand the context. I also enjoyed the notes you would put in between the conversations because they helped move it along. The notes also helped readers understand the emotions all the people were feeling.

  4. Nelson Tavarez

    I like the last dialogue. I always make sure I arrive late at meetups. I feel like someone will never make it on time and I dont feel like standing in one spot for too long. Its relatable.

  5. Christopher

    I like the last dialogue because I could understand how you are communicating with your friends. Also, the conversation was very natural and I enjoyed that.

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