Prof. Jessica Penner | OL02 | Spring 2021

Wilbert Rodriguez, Coates’ Critique

I have to admit, this was a struggle to read at first. I had to slow down my reading pace the second time I read it, and that helped me catch onto the blur of a reading that this was for me. I caught onto the setting, and what seemed to be the focus of the memories. It seemed as if the narrator was recalling things that had happened or what had been seen on the stone bridge around the river Goose. The perspective in the reading tended to jump abruptly, and that made it harder to read than it needed to be. If there’s anything that I managed to enjoy about the reading, it’s the details the author decided to include. Before each abrupt change in the reading, each ‘memory’ had enough going on for the reader to get the gist of what is trying to be expressed. The only question I have is why did it need to be so abrupt for a first chapter? I’m sure each recalled memory or experience could have been a bit longer with a smoother transition.


  1. Nelson Tavarez

    I wanted to know more of the situation and wanted more information so I could understand the chapter. I agree that it is difficult to read and want to know if it was on purpose the writer did this?

  2. Moose

    Yea it was difficult to understand but once you grasp what’s going on it gets easier. I enjoyed how the author spoke about her memories with the bridge and how she mourned the death of her brother.

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