Gurba’s work is starts with a really catchy composition of language oriented piece that portrays the Spanish and English mix to grab readers even those who don’t understand Spanish. Her use of Spanish mixed writing is a great idea to bring in the readers a little closer to understand that dialect and appreciate it. Gurba appears to be a really blunt writer that highlights and faces issues like Mexican stereotypes when talking about Jeanine Cummins. She criticizes Cummins for taking advantage of being partially Puerto Rican to advanced her literal narrative and intellectual works which talk about Mexican related issues and stereotypes. Gurba believes that Cummins brings awareness to such serious issues concerning Mexicans only to sell books and be publicly praised. 
My question to Gurba is what would classify writers who talk about issues concerning communities they’re not apart of to be “deceiving” or advantageous. Where do we really draw the line in order to allow writers to state opinions about other communities. And one thing that I also question is why do people concern themselves in issues that doesn’t particularly affect them directly to begin with or even their community. In my opinion, Gurba really needs to emphasize more on that part of the discussion, but so far I do agree with lots of things she brought up about Cummins’s work.