I never said to myself that I wanted a dog until I encountered my girlfriend’s dog.
Although I didn’t get to see him grow up, I met him at 7 years old (in dog years) and I was still able to see him learn new things. His name is Chief. He is a small white and brown dog, we are unsure of his breed but he is mixed with a couple of breeds. When I first met him I never thought I would grow an attachment to him. He wasn’t the first dog that I’ve met, but he was the first to catch my interest in having a pet of my own.
Chief is such a loving dog. When he wants you to pet him he would put his head by your hand and try to lift your hand over his head. Whenever I come over he gets so excited and starts jumping on my leg and follows me around the house. Other people with dogs find it hard to train their dogs but Chief actually listens very well to the point he can go for a walk and cross the street without needing his leash. He makes sure he uses the bathroom outside and not inside the house. He doesn’t normally bark unless he senses someone is at the door, he wants some water,
or he needs to go for a walk. I feel like he is such a smart dog, there was a time we put his mouth wash in his water and he realized and kept barking until we changed it. Having him around is always a loving feeling. Sometimes he would just stare at you and if you stare back long enough he will come to you and lay down beside you and just fall asleep.
The best reward of me being able to share him as a pet is the fact I get to enjoy his love and care. Although he is not my dog and he is my girlfriend’s dog he still is loyal to me but always loyal to her first. Which makes me realize how smart he is, he is a one of a kind dog. I plan to get a dog of my own one day but I know my relationship with Chief will always be something I will never forget.