It was 7 pm on a weekend and Atiqa and Sherry were all dressed and waiting for Atta to pick them up. A week prior, Atta had promised to take his siblings out for dinner to celebrate his new job and new car. Excited to go out together after a very long time, both siblings were discussing where they wanted to go, and what they wanted to eat. Sherry was sitting by the window, looking out for his brother. Finally, they heard the lock click and walked to Atta. He looked up in surprise, and asked “where are you guys going?” Both lost their smiles, and in a low voice, Sherry said “We were all supposed to go out together. You made plans last week. You said we’ll go out on the weekend for dinner” Regret washed over Atta’s face and he looked over to Atiqa who was looking down, fidgeting with her hands. “I’m sorry I don’t think we can go today. I am very tired and I have an assignment I need to submit tonight.” Atta apologized and went to his room. “He always does this” Atiqa thought to herself. “We should just stop waiting for him to make plans. He always has work or he’s tired or he’s going out with friends. He can’t even take a day off for us” Sherry commented. A few minutes later, Atta came out of his room, all dressed. Atiqa and Sherry watched him as he put his shoes on. Both raised their eyebrows at each other, wondering where he is going now. Atta looked up and said, “what’re you guys looking at? Let’s go, we’re going out for dinner.” Sherry stepped forward and said “what about your assignment? Isn’t it due tonight?” Atta took his keys off the shelf and said “I’ll come back and do it later, or I’ll just ask my professor for an extension. It’s fine, let’s go.” The siblings walked out and Sherry yelled “Shotgun!” and Atiqa raced to the car and tried to argue over who would get the passenger seat and the aux. “You always sit at the front. Let me sit today. You can sit on the way back” Atiqa argued. “Ugh fine, I get to play the music though, both ways” Sherry agreed and both shook hands at the agreement and sat in their respective seats. Atta sat in his seat and started driving to one of their favorite restaurants “Au Za’atar”.