Prof. Jessica Penner | D304 | Spring 2022

Dree-Nica Isemar, Final Reflection

In the beginning of the semester I was not sure about my writing. I always read books and had ideas for them, but I did not think I was capable of doing such writing. I always thought my writing was pretty cringy. But I definitely see a change in the way I wrote before to now. Like I said, my writing was pretty cringy, something a middle schooler or a lowered level high schooler might write. I cannot say I’ve gotten to the level of a published writer or a peer reviewed article, but it’s better.

One assignment that I really liked was Short Story writing. I was able to extract some imagination that I had left in my head and to create a really interesting short story.

Each assignment, I felt had some type of lesson. When it comes to memoir writing, you get to revisit your past and expose yourself. And in doing so you get to see somethings in yourself. In my example, one of my memoirs I wrote about the time I used to play the violin. I can to realize that it made a big part of my self and I would love to start playing again. Other assignments were to push us to our writing limits, so I felt like the lesson was everyone can write if they put their minds to it.

What really helped with my writing was the feedback we would get back. It helped to see what I should accentuate on and what I should just leave out.


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  1. Adrian Polanco

    1. One of the things I enjoyed was the honesty, most tend to think they have amazing writing and its cool to see you actually called your writing cringey and its something you want to improve on.
    2. Some of the lessons were extracted from certain writing pieces. With the memoirs we took a trip down memory lane, and we able to rediscover the past and feel those emotions again. So you get this deeper understanding of ones self through their writing.
    3. There are certain things that should be left out and it seems they took the critiques as a way of improving on said weaknesses and turn them into her strengths.
    4. It’s always good to be able to improve your writing, at the end of the day you’re always writing something, whether its notes or your own pieces of literature. So learning mistakes early is a nice way of seeing how much you’ve grown as you go onto your next piece.
    5. A suggestion I have is to not cut yourself too short, it’s good that you’re honest and didn’t enjoy your writing much before but express spoke of that imagination. Its amazing when one is able to do a lot when their imagination is set free and there are no boundaries or limitations.

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