In a beautiful sunny day at New York City…..the story starts of with the main character, Michael

Michael wakes up at seven in the morning for school….He then checks the time from his phone…

Michael: “Oh crap! I’m gonna be late for class!”

He gets up from his bed and proceeds to his restroom, brushes his teeth, takes a shower, and gets ready for school. He then makes his breakfast, and quickly finishes eating.

Michael then says a quick goodbye to his mom, while she was in a deep sleep…so the mother doesn’t hear him…

Michael: “Mom, gotta go….love you!”

Mom: …….

After that Michael takes his bookbag, his keys, and his headphones. He then gets out the house, as he’s putting on his headphones, he notices the MTA bus in the distance, which he usually takes to go to school. He was about to miss his bus, so then he started running to get to his bus. He then manages to catch the bus on time…

As he enters the bus, he notices his best friend Lucy sitting by the window, he then takes off his headphones and sits right next to her. Then they begin to conversate…

Michael: “Yo Lucy! How’s it going?”

Lucy: “Tired….what about you?”

Michael: “I been alright….I almost missed the bus…”

Lucy: “Yeah, I know I saw you run”

Michael: “yeah, if I missed this bus, I would’ve been actually late to class”

Lucy: “yup….anyways what you been up to lately? It has been a while since we talked”

Michael: “yeah I know….I’m sorry I just been busy with school and I have a basketball tournament coming up soon…what about you though? what have you been up to?”

Lucy: “I been busy with school also, and I haven’t been on social media as much as I use to”

Michael: “Oh….makes sense”

Lucy: “I was basically up three in the morning doing my science project…so if I seem out of it, you should know why..”

Michael: “Oh shit!…speaking of homework, I forgot to finish up my math homework which is due today, and I have math first period too!”

Lucy: “you better get that done then”

Michael takes out his math notebook and starts doing his homework. While Michael is doing his homework, all of a sudden Lucy falls asleep. She ended up sleeping the whole ride to their school. Michael on the other hand, only took him ten minutes to finish up his math homework where he only had few math problems left to solve.

 After thirty minutes later they arrive at their school. Michael, then wakes up Lucy who has science class first period, while Michael has his math class first period. So they both pretty much had to have their homework done before they enter their first period class.

Michael: “yo Lucy!…wake up!…we are here!”

Lucy: “oh…we are here already?

Michael: “yeah”

They both gets off the bus….

Lucy: “did you get to finish up your homework?”

Michael: “yup”

Lucy: “good”

They both enters the school.

Lucy: “I will see you later then?”

Michael: “yeah, see ya later”

As Lucy enters her science class, she notices that her teacher is absent and that there’s a substitute teacher. Lucy then goes up to the substitute teacher…

Lucy: “Hi, good morning….my name is Lucy”

Substitute Teacher: “Good morning Lucy, it’s pleasure to meet you and I will be your substitute teacher for today”

Lucy: “thank you….also I have a question, do you know why our teacher is absent for today?…because we were supposed to present our science project which is due today”

Substitute teacher: “yes I know, unfortunately she got hit with a high fever this morning”

Lucy: “Oh…so you’re not collecting the assignment? correct?

Substitute teacher: “No, because I didn’t get the confirmation from your teacher, if I’m allowed to collect the students project or not, and also don’t you guys have to present your project first before handing it in?

Lucy: “oh yeah, that is certainly true….thank you”

Substitute teacher: “your very welcome”

As Lucy goes to take her seat, the substitute teacher finally addresses the situation to the whole class. So then Lucy ends up being frustrated because she stayed up late last night just to finish up the science project, which she thought would have been collected by the teacher today.

On the other hand, as Michael enters his math class he notices that he did the wrong math homework because he overheard his classmates talk about a completely different assignment. 

Classmate 1: “yo, did you do the multiplying and dividing polynomials homework?”

Classmate 2: “yeah….did you?”

Classmate 1: “Nah, I forgot to do it”

Michael: “wait? we had to do multiply and divide polynomials homework?!

Classmate 1: “yeah…why? did you forget to do it too?”

Michael: “No, it’s just that I thought we had to do adding and subtracting polynomials one”

Classmate 2: “how do you do the wrong homework?”

Michael: “I just got a lot of things to do man….I been busy with other stuff”

So then he feels disappointed in himself, because that has never happened to him before where he has done the wrong assignment. The rest of Michael and Lucy’s classes went well, but their first class didn’t go as they thought it would.  As their last period of class ends, they get out of the school at the same time and they look at each other in a disappointed facial expression…

Michael and Lucy: “What are you looking at?!”