This week we’ll be reviewing each other’s work–specifically the Short Story 2 with the added dialogue. Below is a reminder (or, if you missed class, a quick explanation):

Remember this sample story from Week 8?

Evelyn and Maria are sisters. They’ve never spent more than a day apart. Neither of them drive anymore–Evelyn’s eyesight is pretty bad and Maria’s is even worse. Each Saturday, one of their grandchildren drives them to the supermarket so they can buy groceries. Evelyn sits up front because she’s a better navigator than Maria. Maria comments on the grandchild’s driving skills. The sisters often argue with one another about their purchases on the way home. Evelyn thinks that Maria buys too much red meat and Maria thinks Evelyn buys too much vodka.

Think about how we might add dialogue that would share the same information without the narrator telling us.

For example, we might have an interchange between the sisters about their grocery purchases:

“Maria, why do you buy all that red meat?” Evelyn said when they got back in the car.

“I like it, so what?”

“It’s not good for you!”

“Ha!” said Maria. “Like all that vodka is a healthy choice!”

See how we get the same info with the characters leading the story?

Now go to your Short Story 2 on OpenLab.

If you have dialogue already in your short story, review it and see where you can either add MORE or add “stage directions” to enhance it.

If you don’t have any dialogue, choose a moment in the story where you could have dialogue tell the story, rather than the narrator.

Let the dialogue tell the story!

For example, here’s where the narrator is telling us what’s going on: Di thought Anthony was looking cute, so she told him. 

Here’s where the writer replaces the above sentence with dialogue:

“You look cute today,” Di said, feeling a bit awkward.

“Thanks,” Anthony grinned.

We’ll also be working on our Final Reflection and Final Portfolio (aka Chapbooks) that stand in for the final exam. Unsure about what all that is about? Go here and see the full assignment!

Then go to the Assignment page for details about next week!