Poem 1 (Bed)

Walk into my room

See my bed

My eyes start to get tired

Take off the lights

Time to sleep

Starting walking

Take a step

Tuck myself in

Move my pillow around

Move it again

Find the right side

Close my eyes

Now to finally SLEEP!


loud noise wakes me up

I just wanna sleep

Just 5 minutes more

Goddam alarm

Just when my dream got interesting

Guess I’ll never know

what happened

Hit snooze

Wake up again

my alarm makes me deaf early in the morning

one more time

hit snooze

fall back asleep

the alarm comes back on

one more time

hit snooze again

Suns up and I wake up

I forgot to hit snooze

Now I’m late

I won’t hit snooze again tomorrow


Well see

Probably will

I hate my alarm