Aide and Emma have always been very close, close enough that they would take the train together as well do other million things. Wherever one of them went the other would be right next to. They were perfect together if you asked anyone they were like peanut butter and jelly, that’s how good they look together. However, that all change in their freshman year of college. 

One day Aide missed catching the train, she normally takes with Emma in the morning. She took the train that was behind the train she normally takes with Emma. 

 Every time she’s in the train, Aide loves to listen to music. It was a way she could prepare herself for the day. Just when she was about to place her headphones, she saw this tall, handsome men that had caught her eye. She couldn’t believe how attractive he was. The whole ride she keeps straight at him. The first thing she did was to run to Emma and inform her about the mystery man that had grab her attention. As Aide was telling all the details to Emma, she couldn’t believe it. Emma was so impressed. Right away she told Aide “I must meet the mysterious men.” They plan what would happen and at what time they would meet, and what train car they will take. The very next day they meet up excited to meet him. As they were arriving the next stop, they both stared to fix themselves, as it was happening the doors open, he entered and as he entered, he looked at both girls. They both smiled at him and him at them. The girls were so shocked at how handsome he was, that they agree it was going to be a rutting for them. Months went by and Aide told Emma she wanted to approach him. Emma wasn’t too happy with that. The reason why is because she also wanted to talk to him as well. However, Emma wasn’t going to tell Aide. As Aide was telling her Emma just nodded. The next day Aide was running late. She took the wrong train car; she realizes she needs to switch carts before the stop arrives. When it came to the stop of the mystery guy, she was fixing herself and looking for him. 

However, as she was about to approached him, she saw him talking to a girl. Aide was devastating. As she was about to walk away, she notices the woman look familiar. She realizes it was Emma. Aide couldn’t believe it; she was devastated and mad. At that moment she realizes that person she thought was her friend was a treader. Aide only had one question in her mind, and it was, “how could she do it and to why?”