Before class on Wednesday, April 27, students will…

  • Read my Announcement.
  • Revise your second short story and post it by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, April 27. Title it Full Name, Short Story 2 (Revised) and save it under the category Short Stories.
  • Continue working on your own poetry. Use this website to get you started.
  • Post all four poems under Poetry and title it Full Name, Poems.
    • Be sure to give each poem a title or at least Poem 1, Poem 2, etc.

During and after class, we will…


  • Discuss how writing poetry is going for everyone–the good, the bad, and the so-so. Be ready to say why!
  • I’ll allow a short period of time to post poems on OpenLab. Email your URL of your poems to your Cohort and me (
  • Review and respond to your Cohort’s work using the critique sheet (scroll down to the bottom of this page).


  • I’ll lead a discussion about dialogue in drama (and other genres).
  • Read assigned scenes from Suzan-Lori Parks’ play, Topdog/Underdog. (Scroll down to the bottom of this page to download the monologue and scenes.)


  • Answer questions about the assigned scenes from Parks’ play.
  • Edit two of your poems and post them under Poetry. Name the post Full Name, Poems (Revised) by Wednesday, May 4.
  • Journal Assignment 7: Reflect on your experience with poetry writing—good, bad, so-so, and why. Title it Full Name, Journal 7 and post it under Journals by Wednesday, May 4.

Scenes from Topdog/Underdog and Cohort critique for poetry: