A moment that change me was when I was 10 and my mother and father were fighting for my legal charge. I remember that day sitting in the waiting area waiting to see who I will end up going home with. I wanted my mom, I wanted her to win she raised me, she gave me everything I could ask for with very little money. My mother was my mom my best friend my dad. She was all in one. When I saw the door open I saw my moms Lawyer come out and ask me to come inside. when I went inside the judge asked me some few questions. I reply and he than asked me with who I wish to stay and why? I said my mom. “My mom is everything he didn’t left me she didn’t harm me. in fact she has being fighting to give me everything I need and I love her and I don’t wish to ever leave her.” with that the judge rule and I was allowed to stay with her. I was so happy and I was crying. I got to stay with her and until this day Im still with her. I love my mother, we have gotten throw so much that I’m working hard to give her back everything she couldn’t have.