When I think of a moment that changed me the first thing that comes to mind is my first breakup. Going into my senior year of highschool I was in the first relationship I have ever been in and for the most part it was puppy love. For those who don’t understand, it felt like you were constantly wanting one another’s attention, always wanted to be around one another, and genuinely felt loved 24/7. My first semester in college and she broke up with me to focus on herself, she felt as though she couldn’t give me as much time as I gave her and she thought I deserved better. It left me broken, my first relationship was over and the only thought that came to mind was that it was my fault, if I gave her more love and more attention then maybe she wouldn’t leave me. I was obsessed with the thought that she would come back, but as the months went by I chose to separate myself from her because I knew I would never be able to see her as a friend and wanted to focus on myself for once. For the first time in my life I chose to make myself my first priority. I decided to distract myself by going to the gym, playing video games, hanging out with friends, everything that brought me happiness. I still felt a little empty seeing how it was my first love and they always say you never forget that pure and innocent love. However, that experience helped me understand that I needed to be easier on myself, I couldn’t blame myself for the entire thing failing. It helped me realize that sometimes things aren’t meant to be which is why you have to prioritize yourself first, your mental, physical and emotional health matter. It took me about a year to feel whole again, but after that it felt like a good day everyday because I thought of a better version of myself in the future.