one day, there was a couple who weren’t at the best of terms. They had a fight over a very personal and touchy subject. And now they are going for food. The suburbs seems like a good place to live. Open houses. Backyards. Huge spaces. But that also comes with its risks, at night its so creepy. It’s dark and menacing and there’s no sense of safety since everything is so spread out and something can happen and everyone is too far away to notice everything. The couple, Matthew and nicole, headed out to eat dinner. They took the car which was parked outside and drove off to find a nice place to eat. Maybe a fancy dinner will make them fess up and not be mad at each other. As the ride goes on the road goes into this deep dark forest. It’s thick, bushy trees and branches sway in the wind, the curvy and seemingly infinite road just keeps going and going with no end in sight. And then the car stops, its engine sputtering with no more signs of life as the car runs out of gas. “Great now what, i told you to check the gas before we left.” Nicole sputters as she shoots a angry look at Matthew. “ i did, i swear it was at a high level.” Retorts Matthew with a look of disbelief in his face. “ as the darkness and night seem to sweep them, nothing good awaits them. Suddenly, a bright light comes from the distance and stops in front of the. It’s a police car and the officers inside help the couple to a nearby gas station to buy gas and to start there car again. That is one nigh they will never forget.