A constant disagreement I have in my life would be with me and my parents over my shoe business. At first they started to complain by the amount of ones i was investing into the brand and the company and the product, and how in the end it wasn’t going to be worth it since most new resellers would just sell off and make profit but enough to withstand themselves. And how my bank account would be depleted due to me buying a lot of pairs for retail, and my credit cards would be maxed out. Also, when i had to bring all my pairs home, they would complain that i use up alot of space which they can use for more productive things. I also had to skip class once or twice and put things aside for my business, since when certain items that are very in demand drop, there is only one day and a certain time where you able to purchase the pair, and the product and quantity is usually very low. So when i come home with those products they get mad since i had to either skip or put aside either school or work. So at times when we have this type of conversation, it usually ends up to that topic since i do things that aren’t really good like skipping work or school. Another thing is when i sell my pairs either local or online, when i meetup with the person sometimes i have to do the sale when its dusk or night, which my parents dont like since its dangerous but nothing has happened and i never go alone. I understand there point but sometimes people will overpay since it is late at night and people want them so they can either wear or sell as well. Mainly arguments would be also when business is slow, when people dont buy or just waste my time my parents would say that it is useless and that i am just wasting my time but in reality i really like what i do, and yes i cannot focus on that as my future but as like a hobby or a side hustle it is probably the best and easiest thing to do is to continue with what i am doing but at a certain point i might have to stop since my college and my job are still more important that my business.