By class time on Wednesday, March 9, students will…

  • Read and respond to your Cohort’s Memoir 2, using the Peer Review Worksheet (go to Week 5’s Assignment page for the link to that document).
  • Read my Announcement for Week 6.
    • Be sure to read the Announcement before you read the story below!
  • Read Edward P. Jones’ “The First Day.” (Click on the red hypertext.)

During and after class, we will

  • I will ask people to share one of their memoirs with the class in an “Open Mic.” (This is not required, but encouraged!)
  • Journal Assignment 3: Reflect on your experience with memoir writing—good, bad, so-so, and why. Title it Full Name, Journal 3. Post it under Journals by class time on Wednesday, March 16.
    • Note: Part of you portfolio (in place of a final exam) will be to reflect on your experiences as a writer over the semester. You are allowed to use your Journals as part of the portfolio. This is VERY helpful at the end of the semester!
  • Discuss short fiction, real life in fiction, and begin to discuss POV. Use Edward P. Jones’ “The First Day” to jumpstart the conversation. (Click on the red hypertext.)
    • What is the point of view of the narrator of “The First Day”? (First person? Third person?) How do you know?
    • What is the age of the narrator when the story occurs? How do you know?
    • What is the age of the narrator when they share this story? How do you know?
    • What time period do you imagine this story takes place? (Present, 1990s, 1970s, or a different time?) What are the clues to your guess?
  • Write a brief paragraph critiquing Jones’ work. What did you enjoy? What questions/suggestions do you have for the author? Post it with your Full Name, Jones Critique under Discussions by class time on Wednesday, March 16.

Future reading & writing assignments…

  • Read Ursula K Le Guin’s “The Wife’s Story” by class time on by class time on Wednesday, March 16. (Click on the red hypertext.)
  • Revise your second memoir and post it under Memoir by class time on Wednesday, March 16.
    • You can revise the version you’ve already posted, just be sure to title it Full Name, Memoir 2 (Revised).