Ever since I was little I loved drawing. I would make little doodles in my book during class or whenever I had free time. I think my love for drawing started back in elementary school when I took an art class. I remember finding it so interesting how you could make all these nice things with just your pencil. I remember the same day my school was having a book sale and I ended up buying my first sketchbook. The sketchbook that I bought had step-by-step instructions on how to draw the characters from avatar which was a popular show at the time. I found it so interesting how with just a circle and a couple of lines you could make the characters. I found the process of creating something and making it look detailed when I was little. Ever since that day I’ve been drawing and been trying to learn new techniques. Sure it wasn’t easy at first and I got frustrated but over time I got the hang of it. As the years went by I filled up multiple sketchbooks and looked at the ways my drawing changed over the years. It has also helped me the past couple of years with making money. Since during the quarantine time I couldn’t work and didn’t have a source of income. So I ended up relying on drawing for my income by doing commissions. Which was basically people requesting certain things for the drawings and I would draw it for them. The only difference was that their request would be done in my drawing style. Since many people have different styles or they try to mimic certain people. They might do that because they like a certain style or just find it easier than the rest. But through drawing, I was able to somewhat support myself during quarantine. Even if it wasn’t that much it was still something. The commissions that I did during this time were done as digital art because it was easier to send the drawings out. I would basically send it through their DMS or their email. This type of art was also more convenient for the commission since I didn’t need as many tools. I would just have everything I need on one program to make what I needed to. At first I was having fun and Ive always wanted to try doing commsions. But as of recently I stopped drawing as much as I used to. Since it felt like I was just forcing myself to draw and I wasn’t liking it as much as I used to. This caused me to feel burnt out recently and I haven’t been able to draw the same. My drawings don’t really have the same look as they used to. Overall I’m glad I started drawing when I was little. Since it gave me certain opportunities that I wouldn’t have had if I didn’t. Such as meeting new people through drawing and finding different ways to support me.