The historic year of 2020 which was a big turning point for me in my life. Every year every human learns, earns, loses and life goes on. A person can earn both money and a lesson but he or she will only decide to take home the asset or skill that holds more value. The year was en entire roller coaster ride for me consisting of ups, downs, twists, and turns. There were points during which I felt like getting off the roller coaster, but I knew at the end the roller coaster will stop. 

On the 26th of February 2020 I got a call from home stating that my grandpa had passed away. Seeing my family sad and disturbed really brought me closer to reality. It pulled me out of the imaginary life scenarios I always created in my head. My grandpa passed away at the age of seventy. That man had one of the coolest jobs out there. Due to him working as a right hand for the President of Pakistan I was able to visit the President’s cabin and meet him when I was a kid. This piece of my life dates to 2010. Similarly, in the same office I was able to meet the Prime Minister of Pakistan as well. 

A few weeks post to my grandpa passing away the disease that has conquered the planet and has consequently led to a high death toll known as the Coronavirus or Covid 19 tagged along. The Corona virus had taken and till this day is taking a tremendous number of lives. One of its consequences also consisted of high unemployment rates, store closures, academic departments like schools and colleges shutting down. Everything became less and less busy since people started staying home. However, hospitals and funeral homes were becoming overloaded with the number of patients and dead bodies to the point that trailers were being used to morgues to store bodies. 

Looking at the positive side I never ever thought that I will be able to spend this much time together with my family. Everyone that includes my mom, my dad, my younger brother stayed home. Right when we got done with online school and had lunch we used to gather for a movie and or various board games. I necessarily enjoyed shuffling the deck of cards with my dad. I think we played over three hundred games in total in which I only won like six against my family. 

As temperatures were rising summer was approaching my High School graduation was getting closer and closer. I imagined graduating high school with my friends and throwing my cap in the air but that never happened. We students were left with a virtual graduation via zoom and had to collect our diplomas in person. I graduated high school on 20thJune 2020. 

There was barely two months in between until college started. While I was waiting for that I was busy working on FAFSA and applying for scholarships. I had also started to work those two months to save money for college on the side.

One thing I can proudly say the most important thing I impatiently waited for was my newborn baby brother that was born during Covid. He was born on September 22 of 2020 at Maimonides Medical Center.

Calculating up 2020 it was a give and take form of year for me. Life took away things from and life gave me new experiences and new things as well. I am forever grateful for everything I have.