Wednesday, February 2

During class, we’ll READ:

During class, we’ll DISCUSS:

  • Talk about Danticat’s quote on the Welcome, Students! post.
  • Discuss my “Meet My Feet.” What did you enjoy about my story? What questions do you have?
  • I’ll lead a discussion on how to give appropriate feedback on someone’s writing.

During and after class, WRITE (otherwise known as homework):  

  • Write your own “Meet My _____.” You can use your shoes or another object that you feel shares something about you.
    • Post it under Memoir on our site and title it Full Name, Meet My ____.
    • Do not make it private; your classmates will need to read it next week, which means it’s due next Wednesday, February 9, by class time.
  • Read Chapter One from Ann Patchett’s Truth & Beauty. You’ll find this reading in the File section under Reading Assignments of the Course Profile.
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