Journal assignment 1 by Kaalyah Magloire

There is no one that I can tolerate in my life right now other than Izzy, Isaiah is her name. We became friends at my current job. I don’t know how it started, whether its the moments of silence we shared together or the random times we break into song, dance and laughter. Maybe its the fact that we share the same ideas and goals. Isaiah has seen me at my worst and at my best. She has never judge me. This girl is a phone call away. To have someone that would ride or die for you is the best thing I can ask for. For her I am forever grateful. We have not faced any real challenges in our friendship, but whatever bump we hit I am more than sure we will work it out.

Journal Assignment 1 by Nicholas Albanese

Journal Assignment 1 by Nicholas Albanese

One of the most important friendships I have is with my friend, Cianni. I met Cianni in my first year of high school during art class. At that time, I was lonely and didn’t have many friends outside of one other friend name Elijah. When he introduced me to her, we started talking about art and our likes and dislikes. We became friends fast and soon, best friends.  We shared art together and talked about other things like relationships and the silly antics that our friends would get into. What makes this friendship significant to me is how we both relate and agree with each other on a lot of things. Every time we hang out, I feel like I can always have someone to share a laugh and enjoy time with. We enjoy each other’s company. Some of the challenges we’ve come across in this friendship is that I’m not always able to hang out with her. With our busy lives and the growing pressure that comes with being a college student, the load that we bear from school, work and responsibilities is huge. This, paired with our different schedules and Cianni having troubles with walking around and standing means that we can’t do activities that require a lot of walking. Despite that, I am still doing my part to be a good friend and spend time with her wherever and whenever I can.

Journal Assignment 1 by Ralph Lauren Ocampo

Finding real friends in this technological era is harder than finding a needle in a haystack. Well, first of all not all, the friends that we meet from college and other places are just temporary. Some people may find real friends on a college campus and some may not. In my definition of friends is that friends supposed to help each other out, they are supposed to fight once in a while since no person is perfect and lastly, they would stick together no matter how hard each situation can be. In that definition of Friend, I found a friend during my high school days. Iris, was the captain of the Girls Volleyball Team, while I was the captain of the Boys Volleyball Team. Our school has only one gym. yes, only one gym could accommodate one team only which may sound strange to others who go to a bigger school than mine. Since we are both captains of each club, Iris and I often arguing who would be using the gym since only one team could practice at once. Most of the time my team and I always have the priorities to use the gym since we have more wins in our name than the girls’ volleyball team.

people may not realize how heavy the role of the captain on the sports where you are in charge to make sure everyone is practicing to further develop their skills. In a nutshell, we hated each other, we hated each other so much we often cursing each other out and often disturbing each other practice which resulted in both teams be banned practicing for one week.  Somehow during lunch, I found myself sitting alone in the lunchroom.  But somehow Iris managed to find me and sat next to me, then we started talking, start giving each other advice and next thing you know we become friends. All the fights Iris and I have basically the one that helped us to become friends, where we would support each other and stand side to side with each other. The significance of this friendship is that she and I are to overcome the impossible together, remember we only have one court and somehow we managed to fit in two teams in one court without disturbing each other practice. Basically, if I only try to understand her earlier all the fights we have the would-be avoidable.

So far we may have not faced any real challenge yet, but our friendship would last. In fact, we still practice together every time we have each time for each other.


Journal Assignment 1

Write about a friendship that has been significant to you.

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Read Chapter 1 of Truth & Beauty first, but if you’re still stuck, here’s a few questions to get you started:

How/when did you become friends?

What makes this friendship significant?

Have there been challenges to your friendship? If so, what are they?

Don’t limit yourself to these questions!