Journal assignment #10

When it came to writing dialogue, I enjoyed it since its basically the exact same thing as talking to someone just writing it down. Dialogue a lot of time is based on a situation that could be nonfiction but also fiction as well. It is usually a real or not real type of situation. I really enjoyed the fact that we got to use our own text messages as a piece of dialogue. I not only enjoyed it because it was based on our own text messages but it was a real conversation that we have in our daily lives. Although sometimes our messages are weird, annoying, or random, this is something we are used too and are always involved in. So while using that as a piece of dialogue we had a huge connection with it that we all relate too.

Scene 1

What is the rhythm/pace of this scene? I feel as if the rhythm/pace is a little fast but also has some long dialogue to it that may take a few more seconds to read. Some lines are extremely quick while others have thicker paragraphs. 

How can you tell? (Hint: Look at the stage
directions.) I can tell because as the two brothers are speaking one has very little to say at times while the other is like reading a speech lol. It goes back and forth. It’s either one of the other who is speaking a lot or very little.

What do we learn about the brothers’ characters
and points of view? It seems as if Booth is interested in learning something new which is business and wants his big brother’s advice. But Lincoln is thinking about something else and not even paying attention to what Booth has to say. They seem to argue and go through things that many siblings may go through but at the end of the day, they end up still caring and listening to one another. 

Journal Assignment 9

For the poetry unit, not gonna lie I like reading about poetry but actually writing poems is not my cup of tea. I’ve never really been a fan since I’m not so good at it. Whenever I wrote a poem, I feel like it sounds so basic and boring. I’m just not great at it, a lot of people are amazing. In my opinion, it’s like writing a song, I love music, but I will never be able to write a song, it’s just so difficult. In my opinion, you have to have some sort of gift to write amazing poetry to a great song that actually makes sense you know. But overall it was a great experience and learning about it was interesting.

Journal Assignment 8

One of Chin’s poems is that stood out to me was “Song Of Survival”. This poem really stood out to me because she talks about how black women are treated in the world and the things they go through. Black women have to try to survive every day and a lot of people don’t understand that. The fact that she speaks about these issues about today’s world is just really inspiring. We need more people like her to speak about these issues from a creative perspective. This poem makes this problem we have today stand out especially because of how powerful it is.  I will definitely be reading more of her poems in the future. She is just so real.

Journal Assignment 7

So when it comes to mu experience with short story writing. It was definitely my favorite due to the fact that you get to be as creative and personal as you want. I’ve always loved short story writing since I was as young as 7 years old. My strengths in my writing come out and all my weaknesses seem to just go away. I feel like whenever I’m writing a short story I just write and don ‘t really think hard while writing. Writing is so much better when your just not thinking so hard and everything just comes out naturally. I just love it and I’m glad the creative writing class provided short story writing.

Journal Assignment 6

So currently at home, everything is pretty quiet until around 5-6 when my brother starts playing video games online with his friends. So usually when that happens I just chill either in my parent’s room or in the living room. Throughout the whole day its usually me, my dad, and my brother. My mom is working outside since she works at a pharmacy. I just hope she’s safe and clean while shes out there. This whole virus is just getting on my nerves, I mean its all the media talks about and everything just happened so fast. I feel like the government isn’t really telling us anything besides staying home and wash our hands like 1000 times a day. It was definitely unexpected.  I just want all fo this to be over. I hope we all end up having a good summer and if not then so be it. I just hope everyone stays safe.

Journal Assignment #5

One embarrassing moment of my childhood was when I was 6 years old. Omg, this is so embarrassing even talking about it lol. I was in the Dominican Republic on vacation, I was staying with my aunt. We went to Punta Cana with her and her husband’s side of the family. I was with my cousins (from the aunt side, they are my first cousins) they were older than me by like 6 and 10 years. But I still remember us being in the pool, and I had to use the bathroom so bad. Like so bad! Like number 1 but you know the other one as well. But the bathroom was so far away, you had to go all the way upstairs in the resort but I was just too lazy. So I decided maybe it won’t be a big one and no one would notice. There was also a plastic bag right there so I just said okay I’ll the plastic bag to take it out like a dog. I know it sounds gross but before I went to get the bag, my cousin noticed and told my aunt. I was so nervous omgggg, I was like okay this was a bad idea. And yess all of this was going through my head when I was 6. I was so embarrassed it haunts me till this day. Obviously if I was older I would’ve never done that but I was 6, I wasn’t thinking straight lol.

Journal assignment #3

When it comes to writing memoirs, I actually really enjoy them. I mean I’m already a huge fan of writing so getting to write about a memory or biography based on my personal knowledge is great! Getting to write about something fun based on your own personal experiences is so fulfilling and engaging. When it comes to any type of writing class, getting to write about what you personally want to write about and enjoy writing about is the best. Being able to do this really brings out a writers strengths. Cause be honest its never fun writing about something you just don’t enjoy or don’t have any true emotion towards. Writing is the best when you have that true emotion and that feeling in your body that keeps your going.

Journal Assignment #2

There were a lot of times in my life where I felt anonymous, one of those times was at the beginning of college. I was dealing with something I was always afraid to deal with. Mental health. I never in my life believed I would deal with something like that. The scariest part was not knowing where it came from. I never understood what anxiety was until I started to experience that issue myself.

All of my friends were already away for college living their best life, most of my family members were starting new jobs. Everyone around me was succeeding accept for me. Which potentially led me to feel anonymous. I wasn’t trying to be anonymous but it was just something that came out of nowhere. Everyone around me was just so visible because of all the great things they were achieving. Me on the other hand, I was dealing with a lot of things mentally that caused me to be anonymous and just not put myself out there. I’ve noticed that people who are either negative or are dealing with something negative usually keep it to themselves but when it comes to someone being positive, the whole world sees that.

Journal Assignment #1

So i’ve had many significant friends in my life, but I met a person in high school who I was truly blessed with. I have a couple of close friends but this is my best friend/sister. Her name is Sofia, I met her in high school freshman year. At first when we met we didn’t talk so much. But since we were in the same classes we got to know each other. We had a few things in common but I think the things that make us have such a significant friendship is the fact that we are different from each other. We are perfect opposites that complement each other. Being different meant we didn’t have to compete with each other and we could accept each other for who we were. Sofia was a person who made me accept myself for who I was, cause I was always ashamed of being funny around people. But she made me realize it was okay and that its okay to be different. We always talk about boys, I always use to and still am afraid to go up to a guy I think is cute or that I like. She always give me that advice to just go for it and if he doesn’t end up liking me to say “boy bye”. She’s honest/real but knows when its the right time to tell me whats right. And trust me our friendship isn’t perfect we do get into arguments but nothing serious but at the end of the day, there will always be the special bond we have.