Journal Assignment #8 (Keilyn De Los Santos and You Vs. Them and W.A.Y.S)

I don’t really remember any poems I have read in the past nor do I really like poetry, although I do want to start to get into it. Maybe with more research on poetry and who are the most highly recommended poets, I will have an interest in poetry! However, like one of my classmates have already mentioned, songs can be forms of poetry as well. My two favorites “poems” are by my favorite artist Jhené Aiko. She has a song called “You Vs. Them” and the first verse will always be golden to me. She says, “It’s the wanting you, never getting you, keeps me wanting you..”. By this opening line, she stating the fact that she can’t have the guy when she wants him is what’s actually keeping her interested because she loves the chase. In W.A.Y.S, its a song I always listen to when I’m not in the greatest of moods. W.A.Y.S stands for “Why Aren’t You Smiling?”. Throughout the song, the artist is basically telling herself to keep going and to not let difficult times weigh you down.

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