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Shagota Dasgupta- My rowing machine- Rowing was my entire personality trait. If anyone asked where I was 6 days a week after school, the only answer I had was rowing practice. I’ve had several responses on why I was wasting my high school years this way, I laughed it off because only a rower would understand. I hold the record of rowing a million meters under 19. Sounds like a brag but it saved my life. I found myself and how to control my thoughts because of the machine. When things were going left in my life, I would sit on the machine and it would take away any problems I had at the time. The harder you pull on the machine the more painful which means that was your only focus. To stop the pain. Once you hit your goal and push yourself, the feeling is unexplainable. I fell in love with my body because of it, but more importantly myself. It has helped me overcome obstacles I never imagined I could come across.I quit after high school because my life got so busy but now when I get the chance, I coach women in several places to help them find their beauty in the sport. I was introduced to people with all sorts of backgrounds and stories to share. The growth between each was heartwarming to see. Because of this machine, I achieved goals, met some amazing people and I made it today and for that, I am grateful.

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