Greetings, future students,

As a student in this class, I would like to share my experience. First of all, I want to let you know how much you will enjoy this amazing class, with a professor who is so kind to every student. I like how funny she is, and how she helps me when I need help. Our favorite thing about this class is the fact that we will write about our own experiences, memoirs, poems, and journals in class. My favorite part of this class is writing about my own experiences and relating them to my readers. In this class, I have felt like I could write about anything in the world that I wanted, therefore allowing me to be very creative. You can express yourself more effectively through writing if you are creative. The class and writing will be very enjoyable for you. It is always best to arrive early to class so that you can understand what is being discussed. 

My sincere gratitude,

Previously enrolled students