The city was experiencing a sunny yet cool day, accompanied by continuous winds. Jonathan was on his way to work on Wednesday morning , when he dropped by his favorite coffee shop next to his workplace. He would usually get coffee there in the morning before work if he hadn’t drank any before leaving his families apartment. Due to the new chillier weather Jonathan had wore a thick green sweater and a big grey puffy jacket. He had realized halfway through his train ride to work that he might have overestimated how cold it would be, but his mother would always chastise him about how he should cover up so not to catch a cold, so he has subconsciously gained that habit himself. Jonathan opened the door of the coffee shop and breathed a sigh of relief that he could remove his jacket and feel cooled down from the air-conditioning. As his turn in line arrived he approached the barista and ordered his usual medium latte, he preferred to add just a small amount of milk as he felt adding too much would defeat the whole purpose of drinking coffee. As he mixed his coffee he looked over to the wall mounted TV in front of him and saw a news broadcast accompanied by a picture of lottery tickets. The reporter announced “well it looks like New Yorkers still have some hope to win the super golden sweepstakes, as of the twelve remaining possible winning numbers announced Monday, only eleven winners came up to submit their numbers. Meaning one winning number has remained unclaimed, as per the guidelines, a new winning number has been presented to be claimed by midnight tonight”. Jonathan scoffed at the news and thought of all the fools that would be wasting tons of more money trying to win a one in a billionth chance. He had already regretted spending on four tickets for himself yesterday, all came up to no win obviously, he never had much luck in life. The news reporter spoke “the winning amount for the final number is a five million dollar prize, the final portion of the cumulative 60 million. And the numbers announced since a few hours ago are 1B8-64A . If anyone has obtained the winning numbers they have until midnight tonight to submit for their prize”. Jonathans whole body froze, everything in his mind went blank except for one thought, that number was on one of the tickets he had bought last night. He was second guessing himself in his mind, maybe he was just imagining and had mixed up the numbers, but there was no way he’d mistake it, he had only bought four tickets, and that number he had just heard is engraved in his brain. His whole face lit up with a smile bigger than he’d ever had in his life, he looked like a newborn baby having its first experience of joy. His body finally unfroze as he was sure of the fact, he left everything, his coffee, his jacket, and even the idea of going to work that morning, after all what would he need work after this news. He rushed out of the coffee shop and into the subway, the wait for his train and the ride home would feel like a lifetime, he could hardly think about anything else around him, as if he was encased in a clear white sphere with only the image of that lottery ticket in front of him. Finally after almost an hour he arrived to his apartment, after entering to the heated conditions of his home he finally realized how cold his body had become, his fingers felt like ice cubes. He knew that he put the tickets in the garbage after reading them, but he hadn’t taken the trash out so they would surely still be in there. He took out the bag of trash and felt daunted, he was always some what of a clean freak, and had to hold his nose as he started rummaging through, as disgusting as it was he could pull through for his treasure. After a few minutes of carefully poking and prodding the spoiled foods and miscellaneous trash out of the way he still hadn’t stumbled upon the tickets. His heart skipped a beat as he restarted his search, he skipped the careful cleanly poking and started clawing through the trash like a rabid animal. Forgetting any semblance of cleanliness or disgust and only seeking to find his buried treasure. After three tries it was assured, his tickets where nowhere to be found, He had dug through everything and even cleared the trash onto the floor to examine it as closely as possible, He sat on the floor and felt like he could just die in that very moment. He thought that there was no way they couldn’t be in there, after all it was still the bag from yesterday as he could notice the empty milk bottle that had been thrown out yesterday morning. His mind began to race just like before, except this time with horror, he kept thinking where did he put them, he checked his room, the table, the floor under his bed, nothing. The tickets where nowhere to be found, He was sure he threw them out, but began to second guess himself, inventing a million ideas of what he might have done. As he heard the door open he heard a scream com from the corridor, “Jonathan what is this mess!!!”. He ran to his mother and she looked furious, she asked him for an explanation. He proclaimed that he was looking for something he had thrown out, and if she had taken anything out of the trash? His mother said ” yes when I was washing some dishes I saw some numbered papers on top of the trash, I thought maybe your father had thrown out an important paper by accident like he always does, so I placed them on the cabinet and was going to ask him but he was already asleep”. Jonathan turned and ran to the cabinet to find the tickets in a drawer, his mother asked if those papers where for work, but Jonathan didn’t answer, he was too busy reading and flipping through the tickets. After arriving to the last ticket his full beaming smile had returned, he told his mom they where lottery tickets, to which hi mother replied “oh no why would you waste your money on something so useless. what’s next are you going to become a gambler like your cousin too?” Jonathan turned to her with the smile, which caught her by surprise, and he yelled with joy that he’d just won five million dollars.