• Canvas:

The canvas is the greatest enemy of all

beckoning a challenger It knows cannot be found

Clear white skin brings fear of ruin

Minds wrung dry just trying to strategize

A crazy concoction attempts to bring structure

Bleeding onto the surface attempting any order

A series of strokes becomes seen in full

A clear white skin ruined by the minds endless maze

A perfect dream wishing to burst through its confines

A Perfect dream once again unable to escape onto the surface

  • Gate of Babylon:

Finally i gazed upon my mountains of pleasure

All i aimed for finally in my grasp

Lips frozen in a grinning contour

All below in my domain

All creation in my belonging, what has ever been and what will ever be

Still my Mind wandering, what have i not done, what have I forgone

Palms gilded but a subconscious hollow

All can be mine yet still feel missing

All things below the sky yet still a longing

All can be had except true want

  • fateful grove:

Forward ye weary traveler towards the surface of mystery

A home of most encompassing hope

A land bereft of those enslaved to contentment

Those shackled to petty righteousness or ideals

Open only to those holding highest esteem

only those that draw absolute ire or are absolutely admired

A land befit for true kings and legends

those that show absolutes above all below them

Hold absolute greed and absolute charity

Those who show absolute wrath and absolute compassion

Only those can hold absolute envy and admiration

Those who spread the flames of aspiration among all who witness

Only those who show absolutes may be permitted as a true fateful

  • Farm life blues:

A morning sprung about by the eternal red feathered call

Awaken as the earths desired Shepard

Move out to witness a freshly colored plot showered by water

Chained canines begin the daily rummaging

Pampered felines continue their daily unbothered lounging

Mice hidden amongst a mountain of grains awaiting their next plot

Animal allies request you of their daily need

Begin to request the land for charitable kindness

A difficult struggle ill rewarded

Blazing light falls prey to nearing absolute darkness

flying fireflies create a galaxy surrounding you

A land filed with sprawling life draws to a halt

Escape to slumber awaiting the eternal red feathered call