Jeffrey: Bro you were supposed to tell her I was with you

Michael: what?

Jeffrey: Stephanie is pissed off with what you tell her?

Michael: I picked up my phone and saw she was texting me non stop asking where you were and if you were with me. I told her nah i don’t know where you were. What happened?

Jeffrey: bro i told you to say i was with you

Michael: what are you talking about no you didn’t

Jeffrey: yes i did bro when we left the track field i said if she asks or something just say im hanging out with you

Micael: Bro how was i supposed to remember that out of the blue since you told me like two days ago. I was at the studyhall anyway so it doesn’t matter because she would have passed right by and seen you weren’t with me

Jeffrey: Stop with the excuses dude now I look like a jackass

Michael: bro just tell me what happened

Jeffrey: I was at the house party. I didn’t want her to know that’s why i turned off my phone to just say the battery died. But now she knows i was nowhere usual and she found out i was there

Michael: bro thats so dumb why does she even care

Jeffrey: Because she found out from whoever she asked that I was making out with a girl at the party too, now she’s not getting back to me and everyone is treating me like I’m a monster.

Michael: Bro how’d you think you were gonna get away with that you’re insane

Jeffrey: no bro i didn’t even think about it, it just happened in the moment. I saw her and was talking to her nothing planned, then later in the night i just went for it

Michael: wow you really make it sound easy lol, what are you gonna do now

Jeffrey: I don’t even know, hopefully she texts me back or something but even her friends won’t talk to me.