Poem 1 – ESCAPE

To none of those adults with parents, that ocean arising.

Given and taken, torn and ruptured

Live in the peaceful memories yet to come.

Take the love hungry angel into a world of hope and dreams

They can comprehend. Awaken, captivated by the light at the end of the tunnel,

echoes from the past, yearning to destroy the sanity cradled and crafted by those fighting

for what they do not know of.

We stay out nevertheless while going back to 

remember how a past stunts mental growth, keeping them at bay.

Poem 2 – Dazzling

Sunny day out, cool breeze hitting the surface of our skin

Our experiences place us in seventh heaven.

Going around town trying to keep my exultant emotions at bay.

Being with you reminds me of those warm summer nights, 

feeling an energy that’s indescribably perfect.

A love grown from temptation and lust,

Constant pace that enlightened us to be as one.

Your glistening hazel eyes reflective off of the warm orange colored sunset,

your pearl white smile lighting up your face,

your chiseled jawline shaping the most beautiful creation in history

this was meant to be.

They all told me not to trust you,

The words and looks from everyone encumbered my love for you.

Constant doubt from every direction

“you can do better, why are you like this?” 

thoughts clouding my judgment as if it were my own,

Yet here I am, reminiscing about you.

Two opposite worlds colliding, 

creating a relationship that feels so euphoric,

Immense happiness illuminating my eyes,

Heightening the warmth on the surface of my skin.

Past, present and future all coming together as one moment with you.

Self doubt almost ending everything,

 not feeling like we could last 

hesitation, confusion, apprehension and uncertainty. 

Meant to be with no regrets,

Blending into one, 

living as one and going through life as one.

Poem 3- How




How are able to bask in the malignant society we have created?

As the muffled shrieks from innocent throats,

And blood curdling sights develop on the soil we share?


Why are we to look for pardoning at the feet of a pale evil presence,

For what reason do we gaze toward him with such jealousy? 

How can you turn your cheek to those grasping on by fingernails,

How can you tell of wanderous tales,

Containing scriptures of this evil creating civilization and slaying demons , 

Saving cities and civilians,


You judge those demons bent at your will.

Poem 4 – Lost Soul

The burning sun radiates creating a warmth so comforting

and winds would cause her torn up dress to sway


Slowly gaining a dullness within the spectacles

witnessing the pain and suffering caused

The trail telling a story of a lost soul

Every step to a hell glamorized as her heaven

though he promised to wait for a while

her emptiness grows with every stride