(door opens)

Keya: what’s for dinner?

Mike: I don’t know did you ask ma 

Keya: she said you’re supposed to order something cause she is going out to night 

Mike: what bro I is she sending me money cause I’m broke Key 

Keya: I don’t know I want chipotle though 

Mike: Is that all you eat did you not just have that you eat 

Keya: Shut up you already know my order let me know when u place the order 

Mike: Are you giving me the money?

Keya: Call mommy and ask her for it

Mike: Why don’t you call her you want the food?

Keya: But you want the money right? o ok

(Mike throws the pillow from across the room to the door)

Keya: Missed me bum

Mike: I promise I wont next time and if I’m a bum what does that make you dummy

Keya: Just call her your the older one anyway

Mike: I thought I was a bum tho

Keya: your not ok just call her

Mike: No you do it

Keya: Thats why you are a bum and I’m telling her your not ordering me food

Mike: see bro you play too much

(Keya slams the door)