When you have to write and share your feelings and thoughts with others, you take a moment to think of what you will share. As a writer you don’t want to bore your audiences by writing a lot but I did the opposite. I wrote short memories because I am not that open to sharing my memories with others. When I started to write my very first memory I wanted to share something interesting. I had a hard time choosing what to share, even though I had a bunch of memories. After sharing my first memory I got feedback from my peers. My readers wanted to know more about my memory since I wrote a short memory.

This is where I learned to write more, since it does not bore readers. They like to read the beginning, middle and final of a memory or story. When you give details as much as you can, this is where the reader can imagine and get into your writing. Readers sometimes get connected with what you write.

My favorite part was when I got to write poems. When I was little I used to recite poetry. I like this part because you get to write any kind of poem and then recite it. The idea of moving your hands or any part of your body with each word is so unique. Because of the situation we are all facing I did not get the chance to recite poetry in person.

I used to not write any of my thoughts or feelings. After doing so many writings. I can say writing is good for you. You express yourself. Also, writing memories, stories, poems, dialogues contains good and bad interesting things in it. I liked this course because we all got to share real feelings and thoughts through our assignments. Memories are real and I have learned to share my memories with others. Finally, I have improved my writing skills. Now on I will write more and give readers a good structure of my writing. Providing more details like names, places, dates.