The first couple of weeks of the semester, I was very excited to be writing stories. There are times when writing can be very challenging, particularly when you don’t know what to write about. Everyone in this class is very friendly, and everything is very fun. I am saddened to leave this class at the moment because I am passionate about writing and exploring how I view the world. This class was my favorite because it required me to write my memoir. It was about my experience as an immigrant trying to learn English in New York and the difficulties that I faced as a foreigner. Earlier, I described how living in NY had its ups and downs, and how many people had gone through the same experience as me. It was difficult for me to understand what to write about when I did the assessment post, which was my least favorite assignment to write. The opinions of our peers, and how they shared their feedback, are some noteworthy lessons. Many things have changed for me, for example, “I feel like I am getting better at my writing, so if a task is given, I will do it, since I know what I will be doing, and also being creative help, and you can make up stories, and I believe this course has helped me in my reading and my writing. I found that writing lots of details can make your story more compelling. My revisions involve identifying what kind of mistakes I made and improving them. Furthermore, this class has taught me so many things, and I don’t want to leave it.