This semester coming into this class, I was excited because it’s my last year as a college student so this is an elective I decided on taking to enjoy my time. I was also stressed because of two reasons: the first reason is because I’ve been working through the semester on my internship and I would spend a majority of the class at the beginning of the semester in meetings. The second reason is because I was my own worst critic when it came to writing. I would take a piece of writing that I created and would delete it or say it wasn’t good enough and would just forget it about the piece. I would talk down to myself as a writer, especially my creative side. I would be afraid to tap into it because I didn’t want to embrace the creativity inside of me that I’ve had in me for so many years since I was a kid. I took this class because I wanted to break that stride and I wanted to write content without erasing it. I wanted to be that writer that I know I am and embrace the gift I have of creativity and as a passionate writer.

The work that I’ve done now compared to the beginning or middle of the semester, I feel like it’s not as strong, especially because during the duration of the beginning and middle of the semester, it was a different take. Things were much more stronger at least for me in the sense that I was able to tap more into my creative side and break out of my mold by showing off what I was hiding. I was able to impress myself with my writing and the things I had come up with. I’m proud of the work I gave out during the semester. My favorite assignment during this class had to be fiction writing. I surprised myself since I’m not a strong fiction writer most of what I write is close to home due to the fact that I don’t like to put information out there that isn’t factual or that has nothing to do with me, but for this particular assignment I let go and was able to give myself a creative space to flow freely. Surprisingly, my least favorite assignment had to be the dialogue. I thought it was going to be poetry since I don’t even like reading it for fun on my own. For me reading or creating poetry is painful, but I felt as though the dialogue topped it for me. I did enjoy reading my classmates’ dialog, but doing it for me, it wasn’t as enjoyable. 

Revising has helped me develop my writing further. My cohort’s asking me questions that helped me develop my writing and my characters made me understand how to bring the story more to light and how those little missing details which allowed the stories to get tied together and becomes the backbone to it. In terms of online classes, I love being online it’s much more easier for me to have access to my classes since I work as well and I can have my company equipment and material next to me as I do work simultaneously. I think the only thing that I had a challenge with has been close to the semester being over, with having a family emergency, it threw me completely off so it’s been hard getting back on track, but I’ve been doing my best. Overall, I’m proud of myself because after this class I’m taking my creativity with me. I feel as though I’ve gained it back again and I’ve learned how to appreciate my art and the gift I have. I would take this class again if I could, I enjoyed it and I enjoyed the growing process that I’ve had through this class.