The sunset on this day was going to be beautiful according to the prognostics. Eva and Matthew decided to go to the Zoo to see a new exhibition, they bought the latest tickets at 9pm. The exhibition was 45mins long. They were like 20 mins away from the exit. The last free ride from the center of the Zoo to the exit was at 9:55pm but they did not know that. Eva and Matthew decided to use the bathroom. They were the last couple in that Zoo because most of the people took the free bus straight from the exhibition to the exit.

When they finished using the bathroom, they noticed that there were no other people but only them. They decided to walk and follow the signs to get to the exit. On their way to the exit they heard a baby crying. Eva got scared and told Matthew to go to see what was that. When they got closer there was a baby in a stroller. Eva decided to keep the baby instead of going to the police and say what they have found. She decided to keep this beautiful baby girl because for so long she always wanted to have a baby but she can not have her own.

Matthew and Eva gave a family, education, and home to this baby that they found one night in the Zoo.