1: Home, But Not Really

Red eyes, rushing out 

Bags check, passport check 

Leaving from my home away from home

Can I even call it that?

Somethings different here

The birds chirp differently

The call to prayer blasting from every mosque in the city at the same time

Brings a certain serenity 

I don’t even mind the smog

The smell is something to remember this city by

The food family culture you could put it in a catalogue

Tears still rushing down my face as I 

Leave my home away from home Pakistan

2: Summer Realities

 The sun rose with such a beautiful crimson light

I reminisce the days where I didn’t regret this sight

Let’s go get on with the same dreadful routine, alright 

Working 9-5 compared to having a day by the pool is not excite 

I take one last look at my bed and sigh 

It’s ruffled sheets and soft and feather pillows cry

I don’t want to have responsibilities I just want to testify

Summer as an adult is mot something to stand by

When I was young there was so much to do 

Running through the green fields at the park without a clue 

That when we get older this all goes away without a shoo

We’re going to lose these smiles and the ability to come through 

Cherish your moments 

Hold on tight 

Because within a blink of an eye 

Summer will be the days you want to rush through 

3:Dad’s cooking

Sizzle snap pop

You could see the onions dancing in the oil

This was the start to any desi dish 

My dads making my favorite, Kageena 

The eggs go in next, one spilled it’s yolk

Next comes spices red, yellow, green, and more, 

Don’t forget the green chilies it’s my favorite 

You mix it all together and wait for it to cook.

This is only my favorite because my dads my favorite cook !

4: Made It 

One foot in front of the other it isn’t hard

But still my heart beats faster than a hummingbirds song

I don’t know how I made it here 

But smiles and giggles are all around me 

I made it 

The last of the bunch to graduate isn’t it lovely.

I don’t know if I deserve this, I didn’t try at all

I tell myself I got lucky, because I was for sure not this smart

But smiles and giggles are all around me 

I made it

Here we go the C’s are next

“Saba Shondry” my smile fades away

Of course she butchers my name not like it’s graduation day.

I let it go and breathe it’s alright it’s okay

But smiles and giggles are all around me 

I made it

Excited for the future thankful for the past

I’m done with chapter and I am so glad.

Clapping and cheering my family is so proud 

I can’t believe I made it

I made it 

I made it