(Saba, Zoya and Hira are all sisters who have somewhere to go. They are currently in Hira’s room which is the designated spot to get ready. They begin their conversation on what they are going to wear)

Hira: I already have my outfit picked out! I’m going to obviously wear my new shoes and the bag I just bought.

(Saba and Zoya widen their eyes and look at each other)

Zoya: I have nothing to wear. I need to go shopping.
Hira: please don’t start I have nothing

Saba: That is highly unlikely you have absolutely everything

Hira: No way everything is new and you cannot wear anything.

Zoya: I let you borrow things all the time!

Hira: I said no!

(Zoya dropped it for now they continued to get ready)

Scene 2

(Hira and Saba were all dressed, but Zoya wasn’t. Actually Zoya was nowhere to be found. Hira had a determined look on her face, she knew exactly where she was going)


Zoya: no one is even going to see me what’s the big deal.
hira: the big deal is that I said no

Zoya: my friends don’t know your friends they are not going to see!

(they argued back and forth for a while but it wasn’t solved until their mother came in)

mom: I think this is enough, I don’t care who wears what. We are late, I’m leaving in 5 mins if you’re not outside by then you can stay home.

(hira rolled her eyes and let Zoya pick whatever. She rationalized her mom is much more scary compared to her anger)